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January Newsletter: Sophomores

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 | Every sophomore should have received his/her counselor assignment last month. Should you have not received your counselor assignment, please contact the College Counseling Office. Developing a relationship is an essential step in creating a successful college process. Many students may wish to meet with their college counselor the first time without parents. However, the college office welcomes parents! The best way to schedule an appointment is to contact Nancy Dohr (763/381-8258 or email).

  • Remember that the Grade 9-10 College Night is on February 1. This will be a full evening and we expect to see sophomores and parents there. Topics will include athletics, financing a college education, visiting colleges, standardized testing and the college process moving forward. A schedule of the event is forthcoming. Families should make plans on attending this event!
  • Grade 10 students will receive PSAT and Practice ACT results during the February 1 College Counseling Night. The students receive the original test booklet and a score report and will receive information to help process the scores.
  • Course Planning for Sophomores. Mr. Nicholson, Dr. Graham and Ms. O’Connell will meet with sophomores to discuss course selection for next year. Each sophomore should visit the College Counseling Office and speak with Ms. Dohr to make an appointment with her/his counselor. These meetings should take place before conferences in early March.
  • What should you be doing now, in the middle of sophomore year, to plan for the college process? There are several very important considerations in the middle of sophomore year for students.
    • Where am I academically at Breck?  Where do I want to be in two years? At the end of first semester senior year? Course planning is an essential piece of sophomore year.  It is important students have an appropriate balance of challenge and mastery in their classes, and they understand the credentials they are building over the course of high school.
    • Sophomore counselor meetings:  Mr. Nicholson, Ms. Graham and Ms. O’Connell on plan to meet with all of their sophomore students one on one to discuss how to best achieve their individual goal.  These meetings should take place by parent conferences at the end of the February.  Sophomores are responsible for making an appointment by coming to the college office and speaking with Ms Dohr.
    • In what ways am I participating in the life of the school? Breck is a relatively small high school, and it is important that each student contribute through involvement in activities, sports and service work. Take an assessment about your involvement and make plans for future leadership and activities.
    • What am I going to do in the summer? Some of the greatest growth for high school students is the summers after their sophomore and junior years. We strongly encourage students to plan significant experiences that take them away from their school friends and Breck’s academic work and put them in a different atmosphere where they learn about themselves and the world around them.  Such experiences include formal programs, finding ways to contribute locally, or one of the best teachers of all, a job!  Successful experiences in the past have been taking classes at a local university, speaking Spanish while making tortillas at The Mercado on Lake Street, joining an archaeological dig, joining a local political campaign, or designing your own reading list with a teacher at Breck.
  • AP Exams | Every student currently enrolled in an AP course is already registered for that exam.  If a student is interested in taking other AP exams, you must speak with Mr. Nicholson and then inform Ms Dohr in the College Office by March 10. AP exam dates are May 1-5 and May 8-12.