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Financial Aid Policy

Breck School adheres to the following financial aid policies:

  • A student must be currently enrolled or an applicant for admission to Breck in order to make application for financial aid.
  • The primary financial responsibility for a Breck education rests with the family to the extent that they are able to contribute.
  • In separated or divorced situations, the non-custodial parent must also complete the financial aid process. Breck’s financial aid program and policies are exempt from divorce decree stipulations.
  • In cases of remarriage, or where a biological parent and significant other might reside together outside of marriage, it is considered to be a “household,” and the financial information of both the biological parent and stepparent or significant others is required.
  • Breck is not in a position to assume the financial responsibility of a non-custodial parent, unless there is a legal release (i.e., termination of parental rights order), in which case verification must be provided to the school.
  • If a family awarded a grant determines that the amount is insufficient to enable enrollment, they are encouraged to contact the Director of Financial Aid for discussion pertaining to the award decision.  

Award Renewal

Financial aid grants are awarded on a yearly basis.  Parents of grant recipients must complete the application process each year so that the current level of need can be determined.


Breck’s Financial Aid Office holds with integrity, and in strictest confidence, all financial aid information submitted by parents to the school.