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Faculty Chairs

In 2004-05, the Breck faculty chair program was established to recognize excellence in teaching. Each year, beginning with the 2005-06 school year, two faculty chairs will be awarded, each for a term of three years. This program was made possible by the generosity of families who made major gifts to Breck. 

The Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Breck Faculty Chair

Caroline Carlson, Middle School (2005-2008)
Robin Fondow, Middle School (2008-2011)
Dan Ratliff, Middle School (2011-2014)
Katie Scherer, Middle School (2014-2017)
Michelle Jones, Middle School (2017-2020)

The Lee and Penny Anderson Family Breck Faculty Chair

Jane Bartow, Lower School (2005-2008)
Bobbie Tonkin, Lower School (2008-2011)
Ty Thayer, Lower School (2011-2014)
Joyce McCann, Lower School (2014-2017)
Kim Schafer, Lower School (2017-2020)

The Wallace and Mary Lee Dayton Family Breck Faculty Chair

Gloria Smith, Lower School (2006-2009)
Peggy Fifield, Lower School (2009-2012)
Dr. Jacob Miller, Upper School (2012-2015)
Frank Eustis, Upper School (2015-2018)
Brian Wright, Upper School (2018-2021)

The Ralph and Peggy Burnet Family Breck Faculty Chair

Margaret Wong, Upper School (2006-2009)
Lois Fruen, Upper School (2009-2012)
Carol Grams, Lower School (2012-2015)
Melita Anderson, Lower School (2015-2018)
Sharon Mazion, Lower School (2018-2021)

The Cloverfields Foundation Breck Faculty Chair

Michal Sagar, Upper School (2007-2010)
Mary Gentry, Upper School (2010-2013)
A.J. Colianni, Upper School (2013-2016)
Kim Peeples, Upper School (2016-2017)

The Breck Middle School Faculty Chair

Mary Jane Curran, Middle School (2007-2010)
Byron Rice, Middle School (2010-2013) 
Rick Miller, Middle School (2013-2016)
Michelle Bonderer, Middle School (2016-2019)