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Director’s Welcome

The middle school years are some of the most crucial in a child’s development, both as a student and as a socially responsible human being, and Breck’s program is specifically geared toward maximizing that growth. We offer Middle School students, who are continuously in search of personal meaning in their lives, with ample opportunities to explore who they are and what matters most to them. Our faculty and staff provide unconditional support for curiosity, intellectual risk-taking and development of a lifelong love for learning.

Working in conjunction with the Middle School’s Mission Statement and Social Contract, we are a learning community dedicated to what it means to Be a Mustang, as it is at the core of all that we do, whether within our halls or away from campus. Our students pride themselves on being helpful, respectful, and inclusive, all the while working toward answering that unique question of “Who am I?”

At the same time that our students are defining themselves as individuals, they are also navigating what it means to be members of a larger group. Relationships with peers become increasingly important, just as important relationships with adults are sought. The structure of our Middle School program allows for students to heighten their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as members of both the Breck community as well as society. Advisories, athletics, and our service program are just a few ways for students to exercise this muscle.

Throughout the school year, Middle School students, individually and collectively, have wonderful opportunities both to broaden their spheres of knowledge in certain areas as well as venture into uncharted territories. While academics are the crux of our program, students’ contributions to the community extend well beyond the classroom; virtually all of our students take part in at least one of our extra- and co-curricular offerings.

The Middle School instituted Minnesota’s first “Project Adventure” curriculum in 1989. Today, the academic curriculum is enhanced by the use of SmartBoard technology and laptop computers. Every Middle School student has a MacBook Air laptop for school and home use. Interdisciplinary studies are an important element of Middle School academics, culminating in celebrations such as the Greek Olympics, Colonial Day, and the eighth-grade Global Water Project.

The Middle School is a lively, caring place where healthy risk-taking is encouraged, respect is expected, hard work is the norm, and enjoying the process is key. We firmly believe that the more opportunities offered to students at this stage of their lives will best allow for them to meaningfully investigate and engage with the world as responsible citizens.

Sky Fauver
Middle School Director