Career Voices: Sheila Willson

Lower School second grade teacher, Sheila Willson, shares what she loves about being a part of the Breck community and the details about finding a career at Breck.


I really enjoy the opportunities that come from working in a P-12 school, like regularly collaborating with educators in different divisions and partnering students from a wide range of grade levels to learn from each other.  I also enjoy the professional development opportunities I have been able to engage in, like attending the People of Color Conference, hearing Ibram X. Kendi speak about his book How to be an Anti-Racist, and partnering with Design Impact.  My biggest joy comes from the work I am blessed to do on a daily basis with our future change-makers in the classroom.  

How are Breck's DEI efforts impacting your experience at Breck?

I have the unique opportunity to be a Core Team member from Breck in partnership with Design Impact.  This opportunity has helped me to feel like a valued and trusted member of the Breck community.  The new DEI efforts and changes Breck is implementing to better support students, families, faculty, and staff have helped me to feel safer and supported at Breck.  Dr. Hernández personally reaching out to me to better understand my experiences reminds me that her door is truly open and that she deeply cares about each faculty and staff member at Breck.  Dr. Hernández has openly shared our progress as a school, along with our next steps, and how far we still have to go.  This transparency shows me that we at Breck have a shared focus with the goal of collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and families to create a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment. 

Is there anything Else you would like prospective breck employees to know about working here?

The autonomy that we have to bring our experiences and strengths into the classroom, with the different supports needed to engage in passion projects with our students and colleagues is one of the many ways we are enabled to be our best selves and create an effective learning environment that encourages growth, curiosity, and making an impact in the world.