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Middle School/Upper School Learning Coach

DEPARTMENT: Support Services Team (SST) 
REPORTS TO: SST Department Head and Middle School or Upper School Division Director


The Learning Coach is responsible for the programming and ongoing support of all students in the assigned grades including those who are potentially at academic risk. Specifically, this position supports all students to enhance their academic skills and helps each individual based on his or her own needs to understand learning and themselves as a learner. It is our goal that each student becomes independently self-reflective, metacognitive, self-knowledgeable, and self-advocating. The Learning Coach serves as mentor and an instructional coach, collaborating with students, families, and faculty toward this goal. A critical element of this position is supporting the transition between grades for students, faculty, and families.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and implement Study Skills class in collaboration with grade-level teams. 
  • Identify the needs of individual students through the creation and maintenance of an online learning plan (LP). 
  • Set academic and personal goals and objectives with students each semester using a neurodevelopmental lens and in alignment with the principles of Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE.)
  • Maintain contact with students through regular meetings, check-ins, and other communication media, according to need.
  • Help students identify and implement learning strategies and study skills and understand the ways they learn most successfully.
  • Manage the identification and implementation of tutoring relationships with the support of the Tutoring Scheduling Coordinator and in collaboration with student, teachers, and parents.
  • Review and discuss progress reports and academic communication from teachers with students.
  • Observe students in classes and provide feedback to both students and teachers on strategies to improve student academic performance and class participation.
  • Inform and support student preparation for assessments and exams.
  • Develop accommodation planning within the Learning Profile integrating information from the student’s written evaluation.
  • Assure dissemination of accommodation planning with the Learning Profile to student, teachers, dean, and tutors, if applicable. 
  • When applicable, work with the student, parent(s), College Counseling department, and peer Learning Coaches to assure standardized testing accommodation application process with College Board and ACT.
  • Regularly communicate via email, telephone, or in person with students, faculty and parents regarding academic progress and performance -- demonstrating sensitively to the appropriate mode of communication for each situation.
  • Develop MBE-aligned stand-alone modules for advisory use. 
  • Collaboration with colleagues to further develop Breck’s Peer Tutor program.
  • Collaborate regularly/attend meetings with GLAM (Grade-Level Advisory Meetings) grade-level Deans and Counselors. 
  • Attend regular Department and Division meetings.
  • Plan spring and fall transition meeting to include student/teachers/parents.
  • Maintain accurate and updated files pertaining to the job, for all students in assigned grades.
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality in execution of job responsibilities.
  • Commit to and actively pursue Breck School’s Mission.


  • Demonstrated understanding and/or willingness to deepen understanding of MBE, specific learning differences, and cutting-edge approaches to supporting all students
  • Demonstrated understanding of a strengths-based approach to working with students and faculty
  • Demonstrated commitment to positive youth development, academic mentoring, and collegial coaching.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate students and faculty through positive and supportive interactions.
  • Demonstrated capacity to organize, lead, support and guide other educators.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively, courteously, and professionally with parents, students, faculty and administration.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work flexibly and to re-prioritize tasks to maximize student progress.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute to a positive work environment. 
  • Demonstrated competence in written and oral communication.
  • Demonstrated competence in task completion and managing multiple projects simultaneously. 

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Education, Special Education, or Counseling/Psychology — Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of two years of classroom experience in middle or upper school

To Apply

Send resume, letter of interest and two letters of reference to: