Career Voices: Kyle Parsons

Director of Alumni Affairs and Giving, Kyle Parsons, shares what he loves about being a part of the Breck community and the details about finding a career at Breck.


Breck is an incredibly vibrant community and such an exciting place to work. It is hard to describe how much happens here every single day. The students fill the building with youthful energy. The staff is encouraged to dream big and are always trying to innovate how we teach and create space for young people. Our alumni stay engaged through coaching, volunteering, supporting financially, raising concerns when they feel we are not living up to our values, connecting with former teachers, and interacting with students throughout the entire year. It is the type of environment that pushes staff and students to be fully engaged. I love working at Breck!

How are Breck's DEI efforts impacting your experience at Breck?

This is a community that places a high value on learning and growth. Over the summer of 2020, I saw this staff take on so many challenges at once. We strained to make a brand new hybrid learning environment sustainable and responsive to the needs of many different families and learners. That was a heavy lift. But while that was happening, we were also meeting regularly to grapple with racial equity and anti-oppression discussion and training. I witnessed real commitment from a group of educators who were exhausted from the emergency circumstances of the past spring semester. Seeing administrators and faculty lean in (which for many meant foregoing their hard earned break time) had a huge influence on how I feel about being here. I do not believe that was happening in every work environment. I cannot speak to what the culture was before I got here, but I know that in the time I have been here, I have seen a real commitment to making Breck an equitable space where people from any type of identity can find belonging. We have a lot of work left to do, but it is heartening to believe that people will continue to do it.

Is there anything Else you would like prospective breck employees to know about working here?

Before I came to Breck I asked every question I could about the culture of this community. I asked current employees and former staff members, I spoke with alumni, and I asked direct questions to the Head of School. I wanted to make sure this was a place that I could thrive as a young, Black professional. Even more, I wanted to be sure this was a place I could raise my young family. Having been here for the past 16 months, I am so glad that I work at Breck. It has been a great organization for me and I hope anyone interested in working here will consider reaching out to me or other staff to ask those same questions.