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April Newsletter: Juniors

Monday, April 2, 2018


Parent Survey – complete ASAP!

One of the most critical elements of the college process is the information and perspective parents provide, to the student as well as to the college counselor. You can access the two parts of the parent survey via your Naviance account. If you need assistance contact Carrie Papillon.  

Schedule a College Counselor Meeting!

It is our expectation that parents will meet with their child’s college counselor at least once before summer. To schedule an appointment, please call Carrie Papillon (763-381-8258). Spring is a very busy time for all; we encourage you to schedule a time soon!

Upcoming April and May Items

  • Our next Coffee Talk will be held at 8:00-9:00 AM in the Heritage Room at Anderson Ice Arena on April 26. The topic will be “Common App Nuts and Bolts.” The informal format provides opportunities for questions and comments.  
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Testing will be held on the main campus again this year. Students should know the dates and times of their exams. All students are required to attend one of the pre-registration sessions later this month. Students should watch the Mustang Minute for the dates and times. AP test are scheduled by the College Board and take place during the school day. Students are expected to discuss with their teachers possible class absences caused by the AP test. 
  • All juniors should have submitted their plans for May Program. Remember, this is an opportunity to learn more about a possible career opportunity, to further one’s involvement or pursuits in a particular area, or another unique outlet. Be sure to keep your college counselor updated! 

What’s coming up in June?

Register for the August ACT Prep sessions. Please look for more details upon returning from Spring Break. If cost is an impediment to register, please contact your college counselor.

Watch for sign-up details for two separate workshops for juniors. College Counseling will host an 

  • Essay Writing Workshop for juniors the morning of June 8.
  • College Interviewing Workshop during the week following graduation. Students will work for an hour in groups of four with Cindy Hilger.

We realize this is the week after graduation and may conflict with travels. However, this opportunity was too good to pass up. Please mark your calendars now! 

​Information for All Grades

Here’s wishing you and your family had a healthy and restful spring break. A look at the school calendar shows mostly five-day weeks, which should afford some regularity and structure. However, in practice, this can be a rather busy time with many moving parts. The spring sports season, music department performances, end-of-year programs, Advanced Placement testing, May Program, and more create a swirl of activity. 

The many moving pieces reflect Breck’s distinctiveness. It is a wonderful place where students will develop the habits and perspectives to be successful in college and life beyond. It is a place that prepares our students for college success and happiness by providing an environment that fosters relationships amongst peers, encourages students to engage with faculty, and challenges and supports our students academically and co-curricularly. 

And though the college process is creeping earlier, it is important that Breck’s college counseling efforts remain thoughtful and purposeful.  You will hear the counselors encourage students to continue to challenge themselves AND maintain good balance in their lives. This looks different for each student. We may encourage more challenging courses or outside activities. We often challenge students to reach a bit more outside their comfort zone. Sometimes we may counsel to let up a bit on the intensity, especially if quality is waning. Likewise, we will encourage a student to delve more into an outside commitment in order to build relationships, experiences and memories beyond these walls. These are the habits and experiences that not only comprise the Breck experience but also provide the firm foundation for success in life beyond Breck. 

College Counseling Office

Jonathan Nicholson
Director of College Counseling

Susan Graham
Associate Director of College Counseling

Andrea O’Connell
Associate Director of College Counseling

Carrie Papillon
College Counseling Office Assistant