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April Newsletter: Freshmen

Monday, April 2, 2018

Information for All Grades

Here’s wishing you and your family had a healthy and restful spring break. A look at the school calendar shows mostly five-day weeks, which should afford some regularity and structure. However, in practice, this can be a rather busy time with many moving parts. The spring sports season, music department performances, end-of-year programs, Advanced Placement testing, May Program, and more create a swirl of activity. 

The many moving pieces reflect Breck’s distinctiveness. It is a wonderful place where students will develop the habits and perspectives to be successful in college and life beyond. It is a place that prepares our students for college success and happiness by providing an environment that fosters relationships amongst peers, encourages students to engage with faculty, and challenges and supports our students academically and co-curricularly. 

And though the college process is creeping earlier, it is important that Breck’s college counseling efforts remain thoughtful and purposeful.  You will hear the counselors encourage students to continue to challenge themselves AND maintain good balance in their lives. This looks different for each student. We may encourage more challenging courses or outside activities. We often challenge students to reach a bit more outside their comfort zone. Sometimes we may counsel to let up a bit on the intensity, especially if quality is waning. Likewise, we will encourage a student to delve more into an outside commitment in order to build relationships, experiences and memories beyond these walls. These are the habits and experiences that not only comprise the Breck experience but also provide the firm foundation for success in life beyond Breck. 


Continue Developing Good Habits

It’s important to develop good habits. If you’ve found some strategies successful, great! If not, now is the time to refine. See Ms. Sirianni, talk to your advisor, other teachers or older students. There’s no one pathway to success, so continue to experiment! 

Summer Plans

Now is the time to think about summer plans. Yes, it’s time for some rest and relaxation, but find ways to make your summer productive. Read. Volunteer. Be active. As you plan ahead to sophomore year, think about ways you can further your involvement or pursue other opportunities.

College Counseling Office

Jonathan Nicholson
Director of College Counseling

Susan Graham
Associate Director of College Counseling

Andrea O’Connell
Associate Director of College Counseling

Carrie Papillon
College Counseling Office Assistant