The Rosenfield Address

Join us for Homecoming!

Two score (which is many years ago), our school brought forth into this classroom a new teacher conceived in the 60’s and dedicated to the proposition that all students’ worth is equal.

Now we are engaged in the celebration of a great career, wondering what it contains, reflecting upon times retrieved that we cannot repay and so dedicated to all can long endure. We met in ’89 in that great room of history, and we are here now to dedicate this lunch to the honor of a great career and future that is happy so that your inspiration might live on in our hearts and minds through posterity. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. 

But, it makes sense that we cannot detract or redact years taught now that they are done. But the animated, warm, and passionate words of a teacher and leader, a witty Rocky checking into his room taking off with a zoom only to change students’ lives all. The older alums from which I call myself a fan, herein note with a boom the games and sparks of good times and not forget their flash. For it has and will be on us the lucky to go forth and live the lessons of he who brought past to present in lessons, jokes, and songs for our sake through triumph and heartache. Therefore, I say that it is for us to dedicate his words, wisdom, and finished work to the service and inspiration of others so that they will carry forth the torch around the track where he led. Indeed it is in giving this full measure of devotion to future generations that we know that our teacher shall not have taught in vain – that this school, under history and posterity, shall have a new birthright here in this moment and that lessons from this teacher of the students, for the students, and always with the students shall never perish or ever lose its worth. 
~ The Rosenfield Address (Golden Valley, 2021)
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