Catching up with Alumni: Ayana Platt '18

Catching up with Alumni: Ayana Platt '18
Catching up with Alumni: Ayana Platt '18

Please tell us about your first couple of years in college and what you like best about it?

Overall, I have enjoyed my first couple of years in college. Before coming to Trinity, I had always heard that one meets such interesting people while in college; in my case, this sentiment definitely held true. Although the school is fairly small, I have made friends from all different backgrounds, which is something I absolutely love. Additionally, my professors are passionate and are more than willing to engage in “uncomfortable” conversations, ultimately making class an enjoyable experience.

What are the immediate impacts of COVID-19 for people in college, and what does your new day-to-day learning look like?

It is safe to say that college students are generally a stressed group of individuals. We are expected to juggle at least four classes while also working and remaining active in our communities. Now, we are all dealing with a global pandemic, which has ultimately heightened that stress. Many colleges have attempted to alleviate it by providing students with plane tickets, paying for WiFi in homes without, and allowing some students to stay on campus. Students who attend these colleges are the “lucky” ones, as there are just as many colleges who have effectively left their students in the lurch. No matter how well or how poorly a college provides for their students, there are, of course, outside factors that also contribute to the mounting stress. And still, amongst all this chaos and uncertainty, students are having to turn in assignments, take tests, and write papers.

I, personally, have been rather fortunate in this situation, and I am very grateful for that. My school has let me, as well as some 200 students, stay on campus for the remainder of the semester. That being said, I have not had to adjust to doing homework at home, which I have heard from friends and classmates is a less than favorable experience. I have had to adjust to using Zoom. All of my classes meet virtually once a week. The rest of the time is dedicated to reading and completing assignments on our own. I definitely miss the classroom environment because it is much easier to have meaningful discussions in person as opposed to online.

Is there anything that is helping you to stay positive right now, or that has helped over the past month?

My professors have played a large role in keeping me positive throughout all of this. They are extremely understanding and are devoted to making sure their students are successful. I would also add that the friends I made at both Breck and Trinity have helped in keeping my spirits up.

Do you have any advice for the class of 2020 as they are preparing to leave Breck in very uncertain times?

I know this is not how you, the class of 2020, imagined your final semester at Breck, but try to make these last few months of virtual classes count. For those who are still picking a college or university to attend next year, you have the opportunity to see how these institutions of higher education are treating their students, faculty, and staff during this crisis. That being said, make it a point to research how the schools you have been accepted to are handling this situation: are they actively seeking to alleviate the aforementioned stress, or are they adding to it? Finally, in the words of Mr. Nicholson, "don't let the band onto the field."

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