Nath Samaratunga '14

Nath Samartunga - Masters Student - University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Nath Samaratunga is a member of the Breck class of 2014. A graduate of Tufts University, he is a current master's student at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and has active roles in local health policy, race equity, and economic research. Nath was a student at Breck from kindergarten to 12th grade, and he and his family, including sisters Melinda (’18) and Brooke (’18), are proud to remain active in the greater Breck community. Nath has been a member of the Alumni Council since 2018, and is grateful for the opportunity to give back to a place whose community and culture shaped him fundamentally.

Reason for participating in the Alumni Council:
Having grown within the walls of Breck, we as alumni serve as key influencers, as the only people who understand the Breck experience from the inside. While I cherish my time at Breck, I realize that this institution is not perfect. It is because I care about this school and its community that I aim to identify and address these points of opportunity through our work. I joined the Council because I wanted to evolve the school's student opportunities and help shape the Breck experience for future generations, especially by further engaging young alumni.