John Baker '10

John Baker '10 - Business Development, HG Real Estate Partners

As a strong advocate for social change, business, and mindfulness, John Baker loves to be involved in many different fields. He is currently running Business Development for HG Real Estate Partners, Inc., which is a Healthcare Real Estate company founded by two former Breck alumni. He is also the founder of Cleanzy Sponges, which is a cute bottle sponge that allows you to clean your reusable bottles with just a few shakes. John graduated from Breck in 2010, where he then went off to Carleton College to receive a degree in Political Science ('14). John is passionate about figuring out ways in which systemic racism can be penetrated and dismantled, improving his mindfulness, and loving others as well as inspiring them to be their best self.

Reasons for participating in Alumni Council

First, I love Breck! Second, I decided that joining the Breck Alumni Council was the least I could do to show my gratitude for the opportunities that Breck provided. I was a lifer and a young African American kid that grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood. My mother's resourcefulness led to the introduction to Breck, and subsequently, Breck's generosity led to a phenomenal education that would have otherwise been shutoff.