Full Alumni Council (20-21)


John Baker '10

First, I love Breck! Second I decided that joining the Breck Alumni Council was the least I could do to show my gratitude for the opportunities Breck provided.

Alex Clark '02

One thing that Breck has taught me is the importance of volunteering and giving back

Matt Cosgriff '07

I loved my time at Breck and was grateful for the many memories, friendships, and lessons learned over the years.

Kathleen Eick '03

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Simone Hardeman Jones '98

Breck is a unique community that I have been excited to re-engage in when I moved back to the Twin Cities a couple of years ago. 

Christy (Piotrowski) Leintz '04

One thing that Breck has taught me is the importance...

Michael Mooney '10

Breck has a special place in my heart, and I want to take an active roll in helping an organization and a community that gave me so much.

Megan Cross Rogers '01

Meet Megan Cross Rogers '01...

Nath Samaratunga '14

Having grown within the walls of Breck, we as alumni serve as key influencers, as the only people who understand the Breck experience from the inside.

Jon Septer '01

One of the many things Breck School instilled in me as a student is the importance of service within the community. 

Anne Meland Skemp '89

As a Breck graduate and now Breck parent, I want to give back to the school that has meant a lot to our family.  

Alicen Burns Spaulding '95

As an alumna and a current Breck parent I am deeply invested in making sure that Breck alumni feel connected to the school

Holly Hartung Stocker '94

Meet Holly Hartung Stocker '94

Sandra Stone '85

Meet Sandra Stone '85...

Alicia Luther Toms '99

Alicia is committed to giving back to the Breck community that shaped who she is today. She has served on the Alumni Council since 2014.