Alumni Honors & Awards

Alumni of the Year

Given out each year at the Annual Meeting of the Breck Alumni Association, this award honors an individual(s) who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer leadership and service to the Breck Alumni Association and Breck School.  

1989         John V. Palmer ‘42 
1990         William Schmalsteig ‘46 
1991         Rob McCampbell ‘47 
1992         Alan Cederberg ‘41 and Paul Cederberg ‘69
1997         Leah Hauge ‘76
1998         John Kohler ‘76
1999         C. Carroll “Spike” Hicks ‘47
2000        Tom Thiss ‘47
2001         Woody Rash ‘88
2002         Del Carter ‘50
2003         David Myhre ‘72, George Dow ‘72 and Jack Weston ‘72
2004         Granville R. Harlow ‘75
2005         Anthony R. Jewett ‘94 and James K. Beltz ‘94
2006         Molly Cronin Clark ‘90
2007         Stephanie Burnet Ott ‘87
2008         Chris McGrann ‘87
2009         Fred Goldberg ‘83
2010        Tracey Thayer Breazeale ‘84
2011         Kelly Larson Perry ‘86 and M.E. Head Kirwan ‘01
2012         Eric Jones ‘94
2013         Brad Searl ‘95
2014         Michael Proman ‘99 and Matt Bartel ‘02
2015         Katharine Anderson Groethe ‘88 
2016         Christoph Welsh ‘90 
2017         Alicia Luther '99 
2018         Kirstin Erickson Wilson, MD '88
Note: The Breck School Alumni Association presented the Alumni Achievement Award to its first alumnus in 1976. At the time the award honored an alumnus who had distinguished himself through his service to the school and his career or civic accomplishments since leaving the school. In 1988, the Alumni Association decided to recognize these accomplishments separately, thus creating two awards: the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Alum of the Year Award.

Distinguished Alumni

2017 Distinguished Alumnae

The 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to Jennifer Solotaroff, PhD '86 and Rachel Solotaroff, MD '88 on September 14 — as part of the 2017 Homecoming festivities. 

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to the alumnus or alumna who has distinguished him or herself in career accomplishments and community leadership. 

Selection of a Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna of Breck School will be based on the candidate’s qualifications in the following areas:

  • Models perpetual learning. Demonstrated efforts to increase his/her knowledge in his/her chosen field, earned graduate degrees or completed significant coursework, provided leadership in seminars or teaching, engaged in other professional development activities.
  • Reflects positively on Breck by achieving career distinction. Received awards or other recognition by professional peers, served on government or professional association boards, published papers or other work, been profiled in professional publications.
  • Recommits to teamwork and collaboration. Has made/is making a significant contribution to his/her field as marked by leadership positions, publications, innovation or invention adopted by others in the field or general public.
  • Reconnects with his/her community. Gives back to the general community as a volunteer.
  • Reemphasizes character and ethical values. Is a positive role model for others.

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Breck Athletic Hall of Fame represents a cooperative effort between the Breck Alumni Association and the Athletic Department.  Its purpose is to honor those individuals and teams who have represented Breck in excellent fashion.


All alumni candidates must be considered in good standing with Breck School.

The following criteria may be used in selecting individual candidates:

  • At least a fifteen year waiting period from graduation before a candidate could be considered eligible
  • Candidates must have lettered
  • Candidates should have been acknowledged on the local, conference and/or state level
  • Candidates may be an individual conference champion
  • Candidates must have accomplished outstanding records

The following criteria may be used in selecting teams:

  • Conference, district, region or state champion
  • Undefeated season
  • State rating
  • Team record
  • Teams without a conference affiliation may be considered for selection at the discretion of the committee

Breck Athletic Hall of Fame


Ken Cory '42 *
Steve Martin '46 *
Amos Rosenbloom '46
James Horning '47 *
Walter Bush '47
Phil Bros '48 *
Ray McAfee '48
Louis Mettico '48
Bob Ylvisaker '48 *
Del Carter '50 *
Bill Holberg '50 *
Bob Holberg '50 *
Richard Ahern '51
Allen Dunn '52
Paul Johnson '53
Don Johnson '54
Bill Haggberg '55
Bob Brown '56
Bob Giles '56
Lee Anderson '57
Thomas Baxter '59 *
Arlyn Lichthardt '59
Bill Ramsay '60
Steven Ross '60
Bud Mixon '61
Richard Hegener '62
John Peyton '62
Peter Rennebohm '62
Lee Sutton '62
Bill Harley '63
Rod Keith '63
Bob Williams '63
Orrie Kessel '65
Jeff Stewart '65
Tom Schuster '66
David Anderly '67
Paul Cedarberg '69
Rob Fischer '71
David Myhre '72
Sarah Rodenburg '73
Debbie Lyzenga '74
David Kallstrom '75 *
Barbara Brown '75
Pam W. Stewart '75
Mike Trench '75
Debbie S. Burfeind '77
Kathryn Hohmann '78
Jacques Driscoll '78
Ben Douglas '82
Madeline Williams '82
Ricky Gilkes '83
John Swallen '83
Steve Tapper '84
Katherine Bugby '84
Steve Johnson '84
Bob Bertino '85
Chris Reinertson '85
Glen Weaver-Lang '86
Paul Nelson '86
Ashanti Payne '87
Sarah Fangman '86
Tasha Sween Marvin '87
Whitney S. Michael '87
Deb Pogue Mixon '87
Shawn McAllister '88
Liza LaBelle Raulerson '88
Allison O’ Toole '89
Kent Bonniwell '89
Meggan C. Bowlby '89
Liza S. Bordenave '90
Matt Aafedt '90
Greg Pfleider '90
Brenda Dunlap '90
Abel Sanchez '90
Katie Mixon Queenan '91
Becky Sohn '92
Amanda D. Andrews '93
Michael Tobin '93
Christine R. Boese '94
Matthew Drawz '94
Anna Sinaiko ’94
T.J. Varecka '94
Robin Comero '95
Genevieve Furst '96
Jennifer Newsom Carruthers '97
Traci Copeland '97
Gavin Hoffman '97
Bridget O’Brien '97
Anne Knopman '98
Jon Simmons '98
Andrew “A.C.” Christopherson '99
Meade McCarthy Arseniadis '00
David O’Hagen '00
Alison Flint '01
Dominique Byrd '02


















1947 Boys Basketball 
1948 Boys Hockey
1950 Football
1953 Hockey
1955 Football
1961 Baseball
1962 Hockey
1963 Baseball
1963 880 Yard Relay Team
1976 Girls Ski
1981 Football
1982 Boys Hockey
1983 Girls Slalom Skiing
1986-87 Gymnastics
1986 Boys Soccer
1988 Girls Tennis
1991 Boys Hockey
1995 Boys Tennis
1995 Girls Soccer
1996 Girls Tennis
1996 Football
1999 Baseball
2000 Boys Hockey

Del Carter ’50 Memorial Award 

Del Carter ’50 was a dedicated leader, Alumni Council Member, and Breck Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee. Del chaired the Breck Athletic Hall of Fame and made it what it is today. In honor of his memory, this award recognizes outstanding service to Breck athletics.  

Robert Aarthun
Le Roy Aaby
Jack Blatherwick
Wally Chapman
Robin Fondow
Ana Globa
Rev F Douglas Henderson *
Walt Larsen
L.R. "Doc" Milburn *
Dr. Jake Miller *
Dale Morrill *
John Nelson *
Dan Phillips
Bob Schanke
​Lenny Sedlock
“Uncle” Bob Sheild *
Rev. Richard K. Smith *
Vern Skari
Michael Uram *

* deceased

Notable Alumni

They’re leaders in science, the arts, athletics, medicine and government. They’re serving their country in the military. They’re teaching at some of the nation’s finest schools. Through the years, students have graduated from Breck prepared not only for higher education, but for life as well. 

Our notable alumni include the following:

Frank Mars 1901, creator of the Milky Way and other candy bars

Walter Bush  '47, former owner of the Minnesota North Stars, member of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, and recipient of the Olympic Order

Richard Proudfit '49, founder of the nonprofit, Feed My Starving Children

Fletcher Driscoll, Ph.D. '51, notable hydrogeologist

Stanley Hubbard '51, Chairman and President, Hubbard Broadcasting

Bradford Parkinson '52, inventor of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology

Paul Johnson '53, gold medal Olympian and member of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame

Lee R. Anderson, Sr. '57, entrepreneur and Chairman/CEO, APi Group

Peter Rennebohm '62, author

Ralph Burnet '63, entrepreneur and Chairman/CEO, Coldwell Banker Burnet

Jim Pearson '67, coach for European opera vocalists

Hugh Roberts '69, retired EVP and President, International Commercial, Kraft Foods, Inc.

R.T. Rybak '74, former Mayor of Minneapolis

Alice Goodman '76, poet

Joel Bion '79, Senior Vice President, Cisco Product Resiliency Research

Christopher Murray, M.D. '80, physician and scientist

Spencer Reece '81, author and poet

Stacey Kohler Moran, Ph.D. '82, organizational psychologist

David Williams '83, Olympic athlete in Judo and NBC commentator, 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Wayne Wilderson '86, television actor and the purple grape in Fruit of the Loom ads

Mary “Sarah” Fangman '86, acclaimed oceanographer

Amy Wendel '86, independent film director

Mike Mattison '87, lead singer of the Derek Trucks Band and Scrapomatic

Erik Stolhanske '87, actor/comedian

Rob Melrose '88, Artistic Director and co-founder of San Francisco’s Cutting Ball Theater

Mankwe Ndosi '88, vocalist and Director of the Center for Independent Artists

Alec Soth '88, photographer

Craig Taborn '88, musician and composer

Craig Finn '89, frontman of the band The Hold Steady

Allison O'Toole '89, CEO, MNSure

Marisa Coughlan '92, actor

Majka Burhardt '94, author

Adam Herschman '94, actor

Patrick McGrann '94, founder of the nonprofit Kitegang

Michael Freiberg '95, Minnesota politician

Charles Korsmo ‘96, former actor and law professor

Kevin Cannon '98, cartoonist and author

Sara Marsh '98, actor and artistic director, Dark and Stormy Productions

Dominique Byrd '02, former NFL player

John Curry '02, former goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild

Blake Wheeler, right wing for the Winnipeg Jets