You have a lasting connection to Breck. We want to help you make it stronger. Each year, alumni participate in Breck life through alumni events, reunions, networking, volunteer opportunities, and contributing financial support. We hope you will choose to participate in our community; you can attend alumni events, share your story, or have a conversation with the alumni office. Your Breck family provides a lifetime of opportunity to engage with the school, connect with your classmates, and network with alumni you haven't even met yet. Take some time on our alumni page and connect with us!


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Alumni Newsletters

If you missed the alumni newsletter this year, for whatever reason, you can catch up with this year's messages from Breck. Don't forget to update your information so we can include you in the next one!



Alumni Honors & Awards

Breck School Alumni Association presented the Alumni Achievement Award to its first alumnus in 1976 for service to the school and career or civic accomplishments since leaving the school. Follow the button below to see a list of the recipients of the Alumni of the Year, Distinguished Alumni Award, and the Breck Athletic Hall of Fame.

AlumNi honors and Awards

Homecoming & Reunions

Homecoming and Class Reunions are a special time of year. They are a time to celebrate, to connect, and to come together as a community. 

Homecoming & Class Reunions

Parents of Alumni (PAL)

The Parents of Alumni (PAL) group creates a way for parents of alumni to stay connected to the school and each other. Our goal is to keep you informed of the latest news from campus and to invite you to unique PAL events throughout the year. To find out more about the opportunities to engage with Breck, connect with the PAL team below to sign up for the PAL Newsletter and to receive updates on upcoming events.

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1960s Breck Shield with blue and gold

Alumni Giving

Breck alumni have a tradition of being tremendous supporters of the work that happens every day in the classrooms. Generous gifts from alumni like you help Breck continue to offer an incredible educational experience for our current students. We are so thankful for your support!

21-22 Alumni Annual Giving


We are so thankful to all of our alumni who have generously volunteered their time to give back to Breck. Every time you volunteer, you make Breck a stronger place, both for our alumni council and for current students at Breck. If you aren't involved and want to be, please click the button below.

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Alumni News

Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

Indigenous Peoples have made essential contributions to the history, culture, and economy of Minnesota. Today, we honor the experiences, resiliency, and rich legacy of Indigenous Peoples across the country. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

Meet a Mustang with Rusty Gaillard '90

In this edition of Meet a Mustang, we connect with Rusty Gaillard ‘90. Rusty was a long-time Breck student (and now is an uncle to a pair of Breck students and a recent graduate) who lives in the Bay Area with his wife and son. Professionally, Rusty is an executive/career coach, speaker, and author, who spends his time trying to help others to define and seek success on their own terms.

alumni soccer players at the second alumni soccer game

The Second Annual Breck Alumni Soccer Game took place on Thursday, July 28th, at McKnight Field. After an incredibly competitive 3-2 loss to the Breck Alumni All-Stars in last year’s game, the Young Alumni team, which comprised the classes of 2021 and 2022, was not to be denied.

Milan Burgess '16 Poses for her annual Football Operations Coordinator headshot with the MN Vikings

In this edition of Meet a Mustang, we connect with Milan Burgess ‘16, who is currently working as the Football Operations Coordinator at Minnesota Vikings. Milan has experience working in sports at both the collegiate and professional levels and is incredibly excited about this new role. She cites her strong work ethic and passion for learning as positioning her well for the ever-evolving world of sports. In advance of her upcoming season with the Vikings, the Breck Alumni Office connected with her to learn more about her work.

2022 Alumni Baseball Game

On Saturday, June 11th, Breck welcomed home 24 alumni for the first annual Alumni Baseball game. The game featured a team of young alumni, the Young Foals (2014-2021), who competed against our more experienced alumni, the gOLD Mustangs (classes 1997-2011).

2021 Alumni Men's Soccer Game

On July 21, Breck welcomed back 51 alumni for our first ever Annual Alumni Soccer Game. Thank you to all of the players and fans who showed up to participate!

The Rosenfield Address

Tom Keller '91 shares the Rosenfield Address, an homage to Mr. Tim Rosenfield and his teaching career at Breck. 

Meet a Mustang: Brooks Turner '08

Artist Brooks Turner '08 tells us about his journey after graduating from Breck. His new exhibition, "Legends and Myths of Ancient Minnesota," opened on Oct. 25 at the Weisman Art Museum on the U of M Twin Cities Campus. 

Catching up with Alumni: Brittney and Will Oberrender '09

This year’s alumni Commencement speakers are Brittney (Faber) Oberrender and Will Oberrender, a married couple who graduated from Breck in 2009. They agreed to be interviewed for our Breck Bulletin alumni highlight in preparation for speaking to the Class of 2020.

Dr. Christopher Murray '80

Breck alumnus Dr. Christopher Murray is leading a team of scientists that are developing COVID-19 forecasts. 

Catching up with Alumni: Sam Putnam '19

Each week we celebrate and connect with our alumni community. This week, we caught up with Sam Putnam '19 who is a current student at USC. Read on to hear how he is adjusting to life after Breck

Shared Memories

"One of my fondest memories from Breck was playing on our baseball team from 1961-1963. During that span, we won three straight conference titles, at one point winning 20 straight games and only losing four games over three seasons. The bonds with our teammates were really great and I remember playing with my late classmates, Nick Goddard '63 and Bob Williams '63. Bob in particular was a star on that team, throwing four no-hitters in a season. It was a marvelous experience to be a part of that team." 

-Rod Keith '63

"It was finals season during my sophomore year. There was a scheduling conflict, so I asked one of my teachers, Jean Wang, if I could rearrange when I’d take my final exam for Chinese. Like always, she was so sweet and kind and arranged an alternative time for me to take the test. I met Mrs. Wang in the Upper School library; I would take my test while she graded tests just a couple tables over. The sun was shining through the big glass windows, an almost too obvious reminder that summer vacation was just around the corner. A teacher graded, a student tested - it wasn’t extraordinarily eventful, for sure. But it’s always stuck in my mind: the light through the window, the impending summer, being able to work alongside my teacher, one I treasured so much at Breck. It was all a stunning reminder that knowledge passes from one to another, and students at some point grow to exist alongside the teachers who taught them." 

-Luke LeBlanc '14

"In 2011, we had a strong boy’s soccer team. We had 13 seniors, and were hoping for a trip to the State tournament, led by our captain (and homecoming king), Trotter Oberrender. Since we had a game scheduled against Benilde St. Margaret’s during Senior Weekend, our team was unsure whether to participate in the events, or just stay home to rest for the game. Ultimately, we made a collective decision to participate in all events for the weekend. We helped out with the community service, raced on the giant inflatable relay course in the field house, and hung out with our friends before the beginning of the school year. Because of our game the following night, the soccer team requested to sleep in an area of the school away from the rest of our classmates, which turned out to be the extended day room, otherwise known as the preschool napping room. As we were getting ready for bed, David Fuad had brought an extremely powerful laser to show us. It looked like a lightsaber, and we were given strict instructions not to look directly at it. Many of us stayed up late, joking and laughing all together making it an incredibly memorable night. We went on to play against Benilde and beat them 2-0 under the lights. Looking back, I am personally grateful that we all decided to take part in every aspect of this weekend, and not take ourselves too seriously with our game. I am still close with many friends from the team and have great memories of all playing together."

-Joe Ginsburg '11

Meet the Alumni Council

The Mission of the Breck Alumni Association is to connect and engage alumni to foster a mutually supportive relationship with each other and Breck School
In the next five years, the Alumni Council aims to increase their knowledge and information on members of the alumni community.  This main objective will be visible in all aspects of the work of the Alumni Association and driven by the individual committee objectives below. 

The Committees

Full Council 22-23

Executive Committee 22-23

Emeritus & Lifetime Members

Alumni Council Description

The Alumni Council is organized to support and promote the general welfare of Breck School, to promote the welfare of all Breck alumni, and to assist the Alumni Director, Board of Trustees, the Head of School, the Administration, the Faculty and students in furthering the educational objectives of Breck School. The Alumni Council recognizes that at the core of every fine school lies a strong alumni association; one that instills within the school a feeling of genuine care and concern about the welfare of the school and a sense of tradition. 


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