Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. When do we begin the application process?
A. Applications for the 2019-20 school year are due February 1, 2019. Most families begin the process in the fall or early winter by first attending an admissions event and/or scheduling a campus tour. Please see the Visit section of our website for more information about upcoming admission events and scheduling a campus visit.

Q. When should we schedule a campus visit?
A. Some families find it helpful to tour campus initially, prior to scheduling a day visit and family conference with a member of the admissions staff. However, you are welcome to schedule a private tour and day visit on the same day should that prove most convenient. While not required, many families and prospective students find it helpful to visit Breck prior to the application deadline. A day visit often informs how a parent/guardian and/or student responds to the family and student statements within the application.

Q: What is an average class size?
In Breck’s Lower School, the average class size is 16 (preschool and Kindergarten have two teachers per class). In grades 5-12 the average class size is 16-18 depending on the grade and discipline being taught.

Q: Do you offer after school care and enrichment programs?
A: Yes; for an additional fee we offer a quality after-school childcare program for students in preschool through grade four (Extended Day). Under the watchful eye of experienced staff, children play and work in a challenging, stimulating environment in a relaxed, non-stressful atmosphere. Extended Day is a place for friendships to continue in familiar Breck surroundings. Middle school students may stay after school in a supervised study hall for no additional cost.

Q: Does Breck provide transportation?
A: Yes. Families enrolling at Breck may opt in to our transportation program, which is door-to-door in most areas. Our buses also provide drop-offs for students who may participate in activities after school at off-campus locations such as an athletics club or music organization. In addition to transportation at the beginning and end of the school day, Breck also has an activity bus to accommodate students who stay after school for various activities on campus.

Application and Admission Testing Questions

Q: How do I request an application?
A: Breck’s application can be accessed from the Apply section within our website. All applications are completed and submitted electronically via our secure online application portal.

Q: Do you accept students for all grades?
A: Yes; our most common entry grades are Preschool, Kindergarten, 5th, 6th, and 9th grades. For each of these grades, we add between 15-30 students each year, Please note, applicants to Preschool must be 3 years and 4 months old on the first day of school.

Q: What criteria do you consider in the admission process?
A: Admission to Breck is competitive and takes into consideration a variety of factors, including the applicant’s academic strengths, the ways the applicant will get involved in the community outside of the classroom, as well as space availability in the grade to which the student has applied. The Admission Committee is comprised of members of the admissions team, school division directors, and faculty. In carefully reviewing each application file, the committee looks to identify the applicants who present the strongest academic promise and fit for Breck’s distinct campus culture.

Q.Is a standardized test required for admission?
A. Testing requirements vary by entering grade. For applicants to preschool through 4th grade, the application test will be administered during the student’s campus visit. For applicants to grades 5-12, students register for a testing session held on select Saturdays in December, January, and February. Application testing requires no advance preparation; the assessments provide a real time snapshot of a student’s aptitude in core areas of academic development. Breck administers the ERB, which is a standardized test given at top independent day schools across the country. Students may sit for the exam at Breck or Saint Paul Academy.

Financial Aid Questions

Q: Do you have a need blind admission policy?
A: Yes; we make admission decisions independent from an application for financial assistance.

Q: What is the process to apply for financial aid?
A: Breck partners with Student Support Services (SSS) to collect the required information and documentation needed to illustrate a family’s financial need. Please review the information within the financial aid section of our website for required documents and timeline. Financial Aid applications are due February 15, 2019.

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