At Breck, we have long understood that maintaining a diverse community is as much a matter of educational excellence as it is a matter of social and civic responsibility. Our commitment to diversity — including socioeconomic diversity — represents idealism about the kind of learning community we want Breck students to experience and realism about the kind of world in which Breck graduates will live. Financial aid has always been an important tool for ensuring that Breck remains a vibrant community. In 2018-19, 280 students (25% of the student body) were awarded financial aid grants in excess of $6.1 million. The amounts varied from $1,000 to full tuition and, in some situations, full tuition, books and transportation. Grants carry no obligation of payment back to the school.

Submitting an Application

Breck partners with School and Student Services to host the application for financial assistance. SSS considers a number of factors such as income, assets, liabilities, unusual circumstances, and size of family in determining a recommended family contribution. Regardless of the number of children in a family pursuing admission, the fee for submitting the online application is $51. To apply for financial assistance, parents create an account and upload the required documentation by the deadlines outlined on this page.

Prospective Families

  1. Indicate your interest in Financial Aid in the admission application
  2. Submit all financial aid forms to SSS by February 15, 2020.
  3. Financial aid awards sent April 3 with admissions decision.
  4. Accept financial aid award by April 17 by submitting enrollment contract.

The following documentation will be needed to apply for financial assistance:
Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at using Breck’s code: 1804
Upload the following documents to SSS:

  • A copy of your 2018 and 2019 Federal 1040 tax forms, along with schedules, W-2s and/or 1099s
  • A copy of your child’s 2018 and 2019 Federal taxes, if applicable
  • A copy of your 1098 tax form (college tuition statement), if applicable
  • A copy of K-1 tax form (for business partnerships or S Corporations), if applicable

To learn more about our financial aid program and application, please review our Financial Aid Policy and Helpful Hints. Click here to access our document listing tuition rates, transportation fees, and other expenses by grade. All tuition amounts include lunch and all bundled fees.

Current Families

For the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Submit all financial aid forms to SSS by November 30, 2019.
  2. Financial aid awards confirmed with enrollment contract.
  3. Accept financial aid award within two weeks of receipt.

Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at using Breck’s code: 1804

Families receiving financial aid were recently made aware via email of changes to the documentation required for applying for financial aid. You can see a copy of those changes here.

We have also included our tuition rates on this page for your reference. All tuition amounts include lunch and all bundled fees.

Additional Information
As you can see from the tables below, we are committed to assisting families in all grades attending Breck. An overview of our grant recipients by grade as well as by family income provides insight into the scope of financial support Breck offers. Need-based grants were awarded to families with a wide range of annual incomes. Breck’s Financial Aid committee considers total income as a starting point, along with many other factors, such as family size, number of children in tuition-bearing schools, age of the primary working parent, assets, liabilities and unusual allowable expenses. Individual circumstances vary greatly, so consider the following as a general guideline only.

Financial Aid Recipients by Grade, 2018-19

Grade Level # Grade Level #
Preschool 10 Grade 6 22
Kindergarten  17 Grade 7 21
Grade 1 18 Grade 8 14
Grade 2 17 Grade 9 30
Grade 3 24 Grade 10 33
Grade 4 17 Grade 11 18
Grade 5 19 Grade 12 20

Financial Aid Recipients by Family Income, 2018-2019

2018-19 Income Bands Average Grant # of Financial Aid Recipients
Up to $50,000 $29,397 21
$51-$100,000 $26,394 51
$101-$150,000 $23,125 84
$151-$200,000 $19,099 57
$201-$250,000 $15,642 24
$251-$299,000 $13,150 24
$300+ $9,556 22

Tuition Rates for 2019-2020

Division/Grade Tuition/Fees
Preschool Half Days $20,755
Preschool Full Days $26,980
Kindergarten 3/2 Program $26,975
Kindergarten Full Days $27,870
Grades 1-4 $30,385
Grades 5-8 $31,535
Grades 9-11 $31,980
Grade 12 $32,120

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Prospective parents are invited to attend Breck's Admissions Open House. Administration and members of the faculty will be on hand to answer questions, and Breck students act as tour guides. We highly encourage pre-registration for this event has closed but we welcome walk-ins and visitors. Please join us!


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We invite you to take a tour of our campus, learn more about our curriculum, and spend time with our students and teachers. This is truly an "open house" style event, so please come when you can. While registering in advance is not required, it is appreciated to help us better plan for the evening. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!


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