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FAQs and Contact Information

As new members of the Breck community, you may have a few questions about next steps now that you have been admitted. Below, please find a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers we receive in the Admissions Office. If you have a question that is not addressed here or wish to connect with our office or other individuals at Breck, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We have provided contact information for some of the most frequently contacted individuals and offices on this page as well to better assist you in connecting directly with the individuals and offices that may be best equipped to address your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the wake of recent events of violence on school campuses, what measures does Breck take to ensure campus safety?

Maintaining the safety of our students, faculty, and staff is Breck's top priority. Our Director of Security, Denny Arons, works closely with Golden Valley police to stay current on all safety procedures (lock-downs, etc.) and security best practices. In addition, Mr. Arons works internally with Breck's guidance staff to stay informed of any student(s) who may be at risk for causing harm to themselves or others. Breck's security practices are grounded in three core areas: prevention, detection, and response. We also recognize that our security polices and practices must continually evolve; we are committed to routinely assessing campus safety measures in our efforts to maintain a safe and positive learning environment. To learn more, please review our safety and security webpage.

All entrances to the school have a security desk; any visitor to Breck is required to register at the desk and wear a visitor badge while on campus. For parents who frequently visit Breck, a badge can be made for you during Orientation to expedite the check-in process when on school grounds.

Will I/my child need to take a placement exam?

We collect information on material covered at a previous school when beginning the registration process for Middle and Upper school. In many cases, the appropriate placement level can be determined from prior coursework. However, on occasion we may recommend that a student complete a placement exam. Students and their families are welcome to request a placement exam if they are unsure of the scope of material covered in their previous school's courses.

When will I receive a school calendar?

School calendars are released in August. Several key dates, such as school breaks, are confirmed in advance and can be found within your enrollment packet.

When will I receive my child's Lower School classroom and teacher assignment?

Classroom assignments are released in August, shortly before the start of the school year.

Are teachers and administrators available during the summer months?

School administration offices are open throughout the summer. However, during this time, administrators may be out for short vacation periods, particularly in July. Teachers are generally unavailable in the summer for meetings but may respond to email on an intermittent basis. If you have a questions concerning academic schedules and courses, please contact the office for the school division in which your child is enrolling.

Is Breck open in the summer?

Breck's building and grounds are used in the summer for camp programs and administrative offices are open. Prospective families are welcome to visit, though please note that teachers are not available for conferences and most classrooms and facilities are closed. Families are encouraged to visit during scheduled orientation events in August.

When are tuition payments due?

Payment dates vary dependent upon the payment program you select. Please refer to the information included in the enrollment packet for more information regarding payment schedules.

Our child has a food allergy and/or serious health concern. To whom should we direct this information?

All families are required to complete an emergency contact form, health immunization form, and physical. Please refer to the forms included in the enrollment packet. In addition, for families where a student has a serious allergy or illness that may require medical dosing supervision (diabetes, for example), families should submit additional information to the Health Center. The Center will inform each division of those students who have a serious, life threatening allergy or medical condition that requires supervision. Note, students may not enroll in school without submitting health forms. Please submit all forms by the deadline (August 1).

Contact Breck

Admissions Office: 763-381-8203
Lower School Office: 763-381-8221
Middle School Office: 763-381-8213
Upper School Office: 763-381-8240
Health Center: 763-381-8241
Athletics Office: 763-381-8257
Transportation: 763-381-8218