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The spirit of perpetual learning
“It’s so exciting and innovative how the teachers use what you’re learning in class to push you forward.”
— Sixth-grade student

At Breck, together, we’re all in the constant process of perpetually learning. Living our ideals engenders the amazing outcomes we see every year, as Breck graduates go off into the world as perpetual learners ready to realize their ambitions, effect meaningful change, and find lasting fulfillment.

Reimagine, reinvent, reinvigorate

“We know each other. We bring out the best in each other.”

Breck Admissions: Upper School

Breck’s Upper School students are not just learning chemistry and physics, history, and English. These students are learning the importance of good citizenship, strong relationships, and caring for the community. Eloise gives us a glimpse inside the Upper School experience.

Speak the language of discovery

“Growth mindset is really growing into the person you want to be – your best self.”

Breck Admissions: Middle School

Grades five through eight are years of transformational growth – physically, intellectually, and socially. Breck Middle Schoolers like Kennedy handle these transitions uncommonly well because they know they have the full support of their teachers and classmates, and they’re engaged, elbows-deep, in learning that opens their eyes to countless possibilities.

Become a changemaker

“It’s awesome to see Middle Schoolers, Upper Schoolers, and Lower Schoolers walking together in the hallways. I get to feel like, ‘Oh, that’s going to be me!’”

Breck Admissions: Lower School

Our early learning experts start by establishing a deep, caring relationship with students — uncovering their strengths, hopes, passions, and fears. Led through a highly experiential, project- and discussion-based journey, Philip and other Lower Schoolers master academic and social skills where older students are always around to lead by example.

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