Advanced Science Research

Introduction to ASR

The Advanced Science Research Program at Breck gives students who are passionate about science and engineering the opportunity for an authentic, high-level research experience. Students accepted into the ASR program are either assisted in joining a university research laboratory or supported in an advanced individual project, working full-time on their research over the summer months. Once school begins in the fall, students enroll in the Advanced Science Research class. In this class, they build their science communication skills, creating scientific papers and both formal and informal oral presentations about their research.  Breck students have an extensive history of success in science competitions, including the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair, the Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium and the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Apply to ASR

The Advanced Science Research Program may well be one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences a Breck student encounters because of the intense focus on academic rigor, scientific integrity, personal growth and teamwork. Through this individualized experience students develop initiative, creativity, grit and independence that will serve them well in college, graduate school and beyond.  Breck students with a passion for science are invited to begin the application process during the fall semester of their sophomore or junior year.  Contact Dr. Kati Kragtorp if you are interested in learning more about ASR.

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The Advanced Science Research Program:

gives the opportunity to students interested in science to have an actual research experience. The students are placed in a research lab with a faculty mentor and spend time during the summer pursuing a research project of his or her choosing. Students are matched based on their interests and talents with university mentors. Then they work for at least 320 hours during the summer in the lab, starting either during May Program or the first week of June. Summer research experiences are offered at universities and colleges such as the University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, and Augsburg, to name a few. During research, students learn to use a vast array of databases to find information on their research topic. As they work in the laboratory, students keep a notebook following the guidelines of the laboratory in which they work. 

2021-2022 Advanced Science Research Projects

Results are in, and the Breck Advanced Science Research students have had a very successful year. Click on their projects below to read their research articles and watch their presentations submitted for the 2022 science fair season.

Advanced Science Research Archive

Do you want to see more Breck Advanced Science Research projects? Check out the archive of past ASR projects.

19-20 Projects

20-21 Projects