Research Opportunities

Research students photo in the Salas Commons

Breck is recognized for its three exceptional Upper School advanced research programs in Science, History, and Math. Interested and motivated students who are willing to work hard in exchange for a tremendously rewarding experience are encouraged to apply to one of the research programs.

Through our Community-Based Research in Mathematics program, students become consulting mathematicians who perform research with a governmental, civic or nonprofit group to solve real-world problems.

Our Advanced Research in History offers students a college seminar-like experience to investigate, analyze, and understand a topic in depth, while gaining experience in field research, first-person interviews, and discussions with experts in their specific areas.

The Advanced Science Research program gives the opportunity to students interested in science to have an actual research experience. The students are placed in a research lab with a faculty mentor and spend time during the summer pursuing a research project of his or her choosing.

Recent participants Advanced Science Research students in have developed an iPhone app to measure limb functionality in stroke patients and used stem-cell technology to develop an artificial lung that could replace donor transplants.

Research Programs