Physical Education & Health

The Breck Physical Education Department develops physically-educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead healthy lives. Through a variety of experiences in physical education, project adventure, and health classes, we inspire students to enjoy physical activity, develop self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and gain an appreciation of individual differences.

Teaching life-skills is also a critical piece in our curriculum. We educate students on the importance of interpersonal skills such as respect, sportsmanship, honesty, keeping competition in perspective, and understanding that cooperation with others is the key to successful participation, all of which, we believe, will have a positive impact on our school environment. We use cooperative and peer coaching activities to develop small group skills and heighten students' sense of teamwork with advanced interdependent activities.  In the end, we strive to give students the ability to participate competently in team and individual activities, and in decision-making, which will lead to an informed, active, and healthy lifestyle.

Get to know our faculty

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Michelle Carlson

Physical Education Teacher/Head Girls Swim & Dive Coach

Merrill Harris

PE/Health Department Chair (P-12)

Amy Iverson

Physical Education Teacher

Jayme Simon

Health Teacher