Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department puts the Breck mission into action by providing students the opportunity for self-expression, creativity, social interaction, collaboration and self-discipline. As the arts engage the whole person—the intellect, heart, spirit and body—so our Arts faculty is committed to knowing students as they are and to evaluating progress relative to each individual. The emphasis is on the process. Performances are designed to be guided extensions of what happens in the classroom. Department members are working artists who have received specialized training and are committed to the professional model in educating our students. They provide a supportive environment in which everyone feels safe to explore, practice and perform. The ultimate goal is to instill a life-long commitment to the arts and to open the imagination in challenging, joyful and even daring ways.

Private Music Instruction

Performing Arts Faculty

Ms. Melita Anderson

Vocal Music Teacher

Mr. David Birrow

Performing Arts Teacher

Mr. Paul Coate

Theater Director & Teacher

Ms. Risa Cohen

Dance Teacher

Mr. Eric Gustafson

Theater Manager

Ms. Melissa Hanson

Choral Teacher

Ms. Claudette Laureano

Strings Teacher

Ms. Sharon Mazion

Performing Arts Department Chair

Mr. Clay Pufahl

Band Assistant