Middle School

Middle School is a time of constant inquiry, both intellectual and emotional. Our focus is the growth of the whole child, not only as a student but as a socially aware human being. We are a community that respects, demands, and celebrates this growth process. This is a time of self-discovery, personal growth, and community support.

The middle school experience at Breck (5th-8th grades) is dedicated to providing a safe environment for students to navigate their individual journeys as they establish a more defined sense of self: as academics, artists, athletes, and members of a larger community. Guided by an accomplished and veteran faculty, students in the Middle School actively engage in a program designed to appropriately challenge and support the individual. Our students participate in Breck's signature MindWorks program, which teaches students not only how their brain works but also strategies to bolster their learning by leveraging current strengths to both hone their affinities as well as to explore new challenges. Through intentional community partnership time and experiential learning opportunities, Middle Schoolers learn to appreciate their place in the world and understand their role in supporting the common good. Upon completion of Middle School, students are poised, confident, and ready for what awaits in the Upper School.

Distinctive Programs

Middle School Student Life

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