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Lower School Schedule

Routines are important for young children. They provide structure that enables a child to experience success. Each Lower School classroom begins the day with a Morning Meeting, part of the Responsive Classroom program. This gathering gives students an opportunity to form community with their peers and teachers. Providing time for students to greet each other, share what’s important to them, build relationships, and engage in conversation is an important way to start the day. 

The Lower School is on a six-day schedule. A six-day schedule provides blocks of instructional time in the classroom for core subjects and affords the opportunity for a comprehensive curriculum that includes modern language, the arts, technology, religion, library and physical education. Within the schedule is time for community meetings, grade-level presentations and special activities. The school day begins at  8:30 a.m. and dismisses at 3:15 p.m. 

The Lower School Day

Within the classroom, students study core subjects:  Literacy, Mathematics, Science/STEAM, and Social Studies.  In addition to classroom experiences, specialists provide comprehensive learning experiences:

Art: Preschool 30 minutes 2 times/cycle
  Kindergarten 45 minutes 1 time/cycle
  Grades 1-4 80 minutes 1 time/cycle
Chapel: Preschool-Grade 4 Lower-School Chapel 1 time/cycle
  Grades 1-4 All-School Chapel monthly
  Preschool-Grade 4 Classroom lesson 1 time/every other cycle
Library: Preschool 30 minutes 1 time/cycle/semester
  Kindergarten-Grade 4 40 minutes 1 time/cycle/semester
Modern Language Preschool 20 minutes 3 times/cycle (small group)
  Kindergarten 30 minutes 2 times/cycle (small group)
    30 minutes 2 times/cycle (full class)
  Grades 1-4 30 minutes 3 times/cycle (small group)
    30 minutes 1 time/cycle (full class)
Music Preschool 30 minutes 2 times/cycle
  Kindergarten-Grade 4 30 minutes 3 times/cycle
Physical Education: Preschool 30 minutes 3 times/cycle
  Kindergarten 30 minutes 3 times/cycle
  Grades 1-4 40 minutes 4 times/cycle