College Counseling

Each student has a story. At Breck, college counselors serve in a variety of roles within the community - as advisors, teachers, community partnership leaders, club advisors, and more - and we see students in their element and understand better the student experience. We listen, observe, question, and, yes, we counsel. Beginning in sophomore year, counselors work with students to foster relationships, to begin to understand their stories and to begin learning each student's voice, interests, and passions. Our process begins and ends with the student; we apply our expertise to student reflections and add our knowledge with the family's goals, and collectively, we work together to capture the student's unique experience in their own voice. Their story. 

College Bound

Breck students matriculate to colleges and universities across the country that are compatible with their unique talents and interests. 

Highlights include:

  • Three full-time counselors
  • Family programming begins in 9th grade with an evening program
  • Counselors assigned in sophomore year
    • Meetings this year discuss scheduling, activities, interests, etc., to make sure/challenge student in their pursuits
  • A reflective approach to our work (ie. lots of questionnaires, worksheet-type activities, group work, etc)
    • Are they indeed pursuing their interests? After all, colleges know what's important to students by how they spend their time!
  • Evening programs for students and families each semester beginning in 10th grade
    • Special programming focused on athletes and artists
    • Borrowing from the idea that knowledge is power, we firmly believe this is a family endeavor as parents perhaps know their child best and are definitely their child's best advocates.
  • Coffee conversations for 11th and 12th grade parents in addition to evening programs
  • Application Case Studies Program for juniors heading into the college admission process
  • On-campus test prep
  • We offer a spring program for 12th grade parents to prepare them for college decisions, supporting their child in making the college decision, and transition to college