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Master Site Plan Overview

One of the initiatives in the Boldly Breck Strategic Plan was to embark on the process of a new Master Site Plan. The Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees has been charged with developing this new plan for Breck, which will be released in the spring of 2018. Please check back to this site regularly for updates and information.

What is a Master Site Plan?

A Master Site Plan is a living document that reflects the current needs and future aspirations of the school. These plans are typically revised every 8-10 years, but should be viewed as organic documents that can be changed throughout that time based on emerging needs and practices. Breck’s last site plan study began in 2009.

What is the schedule?

Beginning immediately and throughout the summer, we will embark on an information-gathering process looking at how we use our current spaces. Next fall, we will solicit community-wide engagement and feedback after students and families return from summer break. A few initiatives are scheduled this spring and are included below.

A Day in the Life of a Student

In order to have first-hand knowledge of how students experience Breck, members of the DLR Group will shadow students in Lower, Middle and Upper Schools for an entire day. The DLR Group members will observe classes, log student activities, and survey teachers to gain an understanding of the average schedule and use of the facility.

Listening Tours

Members of the DLR Group will host Listening Tours to discuss suitability of spaces to meet teaching and learning objectives as well as better understand the future needs of our facility. We will discuss a combination of practical, “right now” needs and future aspirations. Listening Tours will be scheduled in the fall.


These “labs” will serve as an opportunity for a variety of our constituents to dig into more of the details behind what’s working, what are we visioning, and what are some ideas and suggestions for the future. A variety of constituencies will be represented at these labs that will be scheduled from the end of the school year through next fall. Each Co-Lab will be topic based in order to identify the best constituent representation at each one. A schedule of these Co-Labs will be available later this summer.

Who is leading this effort and how can I contact him/her?

A dedicated core team led by Scott Wade and Winifred Smith will meet regularly to explore the physical condition of our facilities, shadow students to better understand how they navigate the school, meet with faculty and staff, and solicit feedback from students on their dreams and wishes in a learning space. The core team is made up of faculty and staff, parents, trustees, and our consultants from the DLR Group. The entire list is included below. With questions, please contact Scott here

Core Team Members

Dan Aronson, Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee
Peg Bailey, LS Division Director
Brett Bergene, Athletic Director
A. J. Colianni, US Dean
Wendy Engelman, Controller
Sky Fauver, MS Division Director
Stacy Glaus, Director of Communications
Natalia Hernández, Head of School
Sharon Mazion, Performing Arts Department Head
Becky O'Grady, President, Board of Trustees
Daisy Pellant, Director, Peter Clark Center for Mind, Brain, and Education
*Winifred Smith, Building and Grounds committee member
*Scott Wade, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

*Core Team Leaders