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Welcome to Breck’s website. Throughout these pages you'll learn more about the culture of Breck, details about our academic program and pedagogy, as well as information about our signature programs. You'll see student news, alumni highlights, and information about how to apply for admission for your child. And, while we've tried to give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of our school via an electronic platform, nothing can replace the feeling of being on campus. 

When you come to campus you will feel the warmth of our community and the energy of our learning. Our beautiful 52-acre campus offers students a variety of learning environments and countless opportunities to develop their unique talents and discover new passions. An array of athletics and arts options abound! While on campus, you will see our students engaging with one another, exploring new ideas, and developing relationships with peers across all grades and diverse backgrounds. You will be able to see the genuine connection between our students and teachers, and teachers with each other. You will be able to fully realize how much we value community service through partnerships within our school community and in the greater Twin Cities.

At Breck, we believe our children thrive in our unique balance of academic press — the challenge of learning in an intellectually interesting and demanding environment, and personalization — the trusting relationships that emerge in an environment of care, understanding, and mutual respect. We value inclusivity, inquiry, and reason and ask that our students bring their full selves to the classroom each day; we are a richer community when each individual’s faith, beliefs, and identity are recognized and celebrated. And we believe in the importance of social responsibility, teaching our students the immeasurable value of serving the common good.

From preschool to grade 12 and under one roof, these values and beliefs permeate the life of our school and are best realized when you walk the halls of Breck. It is our mission to create confident learners who lead lives of intellectual curiosity, self-knowledge, and social responsibility. We hope your visit to our website inspires you to learn more about our school. It would be our honor to welcome you to campus one day soon.


Natalia Rico Hernández
Head of School

2022-2023 School Year Priorities

On My Mind

On My Mind includes writings from the Head of School that are published in the Viewpoints eNewsletter.

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    Dr. Natalia Rico Hernández started teaching in 1994 and has extensive leadership experience in public, private, and independent schools throughout the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Hernández earned an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of Texas and an Ed.D. in Leadership, Policy and Organizations from Vanderbilt University. Her dissertation, “On Teacher Quality in Independent Schools,” was published in the Peabody Journal of Education. In addition, she has published articles in Independent Magazine and the National Association of Independent Schools blogs. You can follow her on Twitter at @natalia_hdz_edu.