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Jean Wigley Awards

The Jean Wigley Award was established in 2001-02 by Breck parents Michael and Barbara Wigley in memory of Mr. Wigley’s mother, Jean. Jean Wigley was known for her faith in God, her giving spirit and her strong belief in the goodness of people. She was a warm and caring woman who made the world a better place. 

Award winners include:

Bobbie Tonkin (2002)
Caroline Carlson (2002)
Jil Franke (2002)
Carol Grams (2003)
Mary Jane Curran (2003)
Carol Raths (2003)
Cathy Preissing (2004)
Robin Fondow (2004)
Tom Hegg (2004) 
Claudia Sanhueza (2005)
Carrie Lennox (2005) 
Frank Eustis (2005)
Lynn Day (2006)
Rick Miller (2006)
Jake Miller (2006)
Kathy Quick (2007)
Claudette Laureano (2007) 
Mary Gentry (2007)
Joyce McCann (2008) 
Derek Yang (2008)
Warren Hall (2008)
Maura Roby (2009)
Evan Jones (2009)
Tim Rosenfield (2009)
Lisa Hunninghake (2010)
Brad Kohl (2011)
Alexis Kent (2012)
Lisa Lokke (2013)
Dallas Crow (2014)
Oscar Diaz (2015)
Jenny Bennett (2016)
Carey Sirianni (2017)
Jay Rainville (2018)