Breck Culture

We believe that with the unwavering pursuit of knowledge comes the development of character, values, imagination, and the joy of living a purposeful life–intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

Distinctive Aspects of Life at Breck

One Campus

The benefits of our single campus are many. For students seeking advance placement, they can simply walk down the hall to their next class, joining friends they already see on a day-to-day basis. Students don’t just see each other at Breck, they create caring, close-knit relationships across divisions. Preschoolers and graduating seniors intermingle in the halls, with our Upper Schoolers proudly serving as role models and our younger students dreaming of the day they’ll be in their shoes.


We believe students gain confidence, build character, and learn to cooperate through connections across multiple age groups.


From an Old English term meaning serving, eating with and helping to clean up after a meal, third and fourth graders take turns biddying for preschool and kindergarten students at lunch. Biddying instills a practice of responsible role modeling in our Lower School students before they progress to Middle School, and lends a sense of belonging and aspiration to our early learners.

Bio Buddies

Breck kindergartners study the human body as part of our Real Science curriculum, which makes them natural lab partners for our Middle School students. Bio-buddies get together for monthly activities that combine hands-on experience with field research while forming a genuine sense of connection.

First grade & senior buddies

Every Breck first grader has a senior buddy. They trace the outline of their hands, decorate spirit gear for homecoming, and attend All-School chapel, together. During Baccalaureate, first graders perform a special song for their senior buddies. There’s never a dry eye in the house.

Bus Drivers

Every school day a fleet of buses leaves the Breck campus to pick up more than 600 students from around the metropolitan area. Our professional bus drivers create lasting relationships with their riders and know the importance to starting and ending the school day on the right note. 


Our teachers are the heart of Breck. They inspire and challenge intellectual and emotional growth. They create safe places to question and imagine, to struggle, and to persevere. They are patient guides and brilliant educators with an incredible commitment to bringing out the best in all students in their unique educational journeys.

Developmentally-Appropriate Spaces

While there is great value in being together under one roof, we recognize the importance of age-appropriate spaces for our students. In Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, you’ll find students have their own common spaces to study or just unwind, a library, and a dining room.


It isn't often that you find a school that is able to come together regularly to celebrate important events throughout the year but, at Breck, this is just part of our routine. Each month, our student body gathers in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit for an All-School Chapel. Chapel themes may include Native American Heritage, the meaning of sanctuary, sharing our history, or remembering our loved ones. Additionally, each division gathers regularly for community meetings, assemblies, or divisional chapels.

Breadth of Opportunities

Breck students are expected to try new and explore a variety of activities during their time at Breck. Our students have the opportunity for a variety of leadership opportunities through student clubs, performing arts, visual arts, and student governance. 

Community Partnerships

Breck's nationally-recognized community partnership program is a living embodiment of our mission to instill in each student a deep sense of social responsibility. Throughout the pages of this website, you'll see examples of student-led projects, school-wide initiatives and thoughtful interactions that allow our students to learn more about the community around them. You can learn more about this program on the Community Partnership page.


Curriculum development for our preschool through grade 12 community is led by our Academic Advisory committee, which includes the head of school, division directors, and department heads. This committee provides an aligned and thoughtful curriculum for our preschool through 12 community and allows our faculty to collaborate with one another and align programming throughout a student's time at Breck. We encourage you to learn more about our curriculum by visiting division-level pages.

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School

Diversity & Inclusion

Breck is committed to the values and work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We know that a thriving community is one that is diverse, embracing the richness of varying perspectives and celebrating that which makes us unique. As an Episcopal school, our work rests on the wisdom that we must respect the dignity of every human being and central to our mission is the work of inclusion, reason, and inquiry.

Outward expressions of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts include:

  • Affinity groups for Middle School and Upper School students
  • Race in America club
  • Dare 2 Be Real.
  • Upper School Student Leadership Diversity and Inclusion Council
  • “There are many paths to God” philosophy from the Religion department
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Parents Association
  • Each year we host international students and students who have relocated to the Twin Cities from around the world.
  • GSA in both Middle and Upper School
  • Faculty and student attendance at "It's Time to Talk" YMCA Forum on Race, students and faculty attend together
  • Yearly attendance at Student Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Yearly attendance at People of Color Conference