About Breck

Breck is a preschool-12, private school where all grades are joined together in one vibrant community on our beautiful campus in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

When perpetually learning students encounter our perpetually learning school, they see the very process of learning not just as a prerequisite for success, but the lens through which they view the entire world. We believe in:

  • Redefining whole-child education and reframing college prep—students grow as poised learners who recognize the many dimensions of their voices.
  • Reconnecting on our campus and refocusing on teamwork—students gain confidence among trusted friends and mentors while mastering the dynamics of working together across age groups.
  • Reemphasizing character and reimagining service learning—acting with empathy, developing a social conscience and inhabiting multiple viewpoints are all values we ask of our students.
  • Renewing spirituality and refreshing artistic expression—students are inspired to hold action and reflection in creative tension and attune to subtle signs of grace in the world.
  • Reinterpreting diversity and reflecting on every action—our community works to increase self-awareness and maturity and spur students to explore complexities together.