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9th Graders Learn Lifesaving Skills

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Breck 9th grade students started the first day of school by hearing from members of the Golden Valley Fire Department on the importance of learning CPR and AED usage.

Students heard a presentation from Battalion Chief Stephen Baker on how performing CPR compressions and using the AED can save a person's life. Then, students heard from Amy Halstrom, mother of Lucia Halstrom, who was also in attendance for the presentation. In May 2014, Lucia suffered cardiac arrest while on her way to a neighbor's house to play. Amy, a teacher who was trained in CPR, discovered Lucia and immediately sent someone to call 911 and started compressions on her daughter. Once the local authorities arrived, they used an AED on Lucia to shock her heart - twice - and was then transported to a local hospital. After in-patient care and therapy, Lucia was brought back to baseline and is now doing well. You can read more about Lucia's story here.

Breck 9th grade students are now equipped and trained in CPR and AED usage. (A group of seniors attended the training, as well.) This is the first time an entire grade of students learned these techniques and it is planned to be a class for future years as well. Channel 12 News covered the training. View the story at minute 6:37 here.