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Welcome From Our Head of School

Dear Friends,

You’ve probably already seen the phrase perpetually learning used to describe the Breck experience. As you discover more about our school, you’ll see why perpetually learning is such an apt description.

Our curious, energetic, and thoughtful students propel our school forward each day with their authentic desire to always learn more and go beyond what they think they know. At every level and in every division, they connect with devoted, dynamic teachers who understand them as individuals and respect them with the gift of high expectations. 

Breck serves students by providing them with the means to meet, and even exceed, those expectations.

We are an Episcopal school and value a strong spiritual component that guides and inspires our weekly service and ambitious arts and athletic programs. Our approach values the whole student, emphasizes authentic learning experiences that erase the lines between classroom and life, and prepares students to grow into sophisticated and self-reflective thinkers ready to encounter and influence the wider world for the better.

At Breck, we believe diversity is an idea that transcends numbers. On our Golden Valley campus, students of all ages and backgrounds come together to exchange ideas, explore complexities, and form lasting friendships because they are genuinely interested in learning from each other.

At the end of their school years, Breck graduates enter a world where multiple points of view and experiences intersect. This happens most immediately in college, but also in the workplace, and in the many communities in which Breck alumni live and move throughout their lives. Our mission is to help prepare students to respect, understand, and interact fluently with the diversity and multiplicity of the real world.

Each day brings new opportunities to reimagine, reinvent, and reanimate learning as we refresh curricula, rethink our learning spaces, and reflect on our actions.

When you come to visit, you’ll see what happens when perpetually learning students encounter our perpetually learning school.

With my best wishes,

Edward Kim
Head of School