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Tom Hegg's Teaching Philosophy

Friday, June 30, 2017

Tom Hegg is featured in the June 2017 issue of Today at Breck. Tom's Teaching Philosophy and Mission Statement is amazing, but was not included in the article due to space limitations. Read on:

Teaching Philosophy and Mission Statement, by Tom Hegg

I am resolved that my life is a blessing, and that my life will in turn be a blessing to others.

I affirm and celebrate the reality that the responsibility for my actions and choices belongs to me and to me alone.

I will exercise my human right to choose my response to what happens to me whenever possible.

I choose to be a life-long student and a life-long teacher.

I choose to support and affirm the aspirations of all who look to me for guidance in their journeys toward the realization of their fullest humanity.

I recognize my challenges and limitations. I recognize my flawed humanity, and I forgive myself. I also recognize that my weaknesses do not in any way excuse my actions and choices, and I will do all within my power to compensate for them.

I choose to reflect honestly and courageously about my choices and actions, and to make amends for any relationship I may have damaged.

I believe that as a teaching artist, it is my responsibility to give of myself to others.

I choose to work with joy, passion and clarity.

I choose to take time each day to re-create myself through the practice of good physical, emotional mental and spiritual hygiene.

I choose to maintain a classroom that is flexible, accessible, warm and welcoming.

I will stand between my students and all manner of threat and harm.

In matters of conscience, I will be neither indifferent nor silent.