Privacy Policy

Breck School is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting the personal information you share with us. You may visit the official Breck School websites without revealing any personal information, or you may use a web form to provide personal information to request a brochure from admissions or make a donation online to the Annual Fund, for example.

Your personal information will never be disseminated by Breck to any unaffiliated third party, organization or advertisers; it will be used by Breck School only to conduct official school business.  The school does reserve the right to share user information in the event that it is necessary to comply with any legal process.

Current families and employees should contact the Breck School receptionist at (763) 381-8100 with changes to their contact information.

Use of Information

When you request information from Breck or ask a Breck representative to contact you via webform or email, we will use your email address (or other preferred method of contact) to respond to your question, comments or request. We may use “cookies” or “scripts” to collect information. You may adjust your Internet browser to disable the use of cookies and scripts; however, be advised that some website functionality may be unavailable without the use of cookies and scripts.

Network Traffic Data

The Breck School website does not collect any personal information but it does automatically track web traffic, which includes the Internet address of the computer accessing the site, the web browser being used by that computer and a record of the pages visited on the site. We may on occasion disclose information concerning our users in an aggregate, non-personally-identifiable form to analyze and enhance website usability such as the total number of visitors on a particular day or the most often-accessed pages.

Access to Your Information

We encourage you to provide updates as needed to assure that Breck has current, accurate and complete contact information. If you are a Breck School alumnus, please update your contact information via email:

Commitment to Security

The School is committed to ensuring the safety of the Web site and its users. This site has security measures in place to protect all information under our control. The network infrastructure is protected by a firewall and traffic is monitored and logged both on the firewall and on the servers. All administrative activities are carried out over secure, encrypted links between our campuses.

Use of Photographs

Photographs of Breck School community members, including students, alumni, faculty and staff, and parents are used on this website. Guidelines regarding identification of students on the Breck School website are as follows:

When referring to students or student work, it is Breck policy to use the student’s name (first name only for Lower and Middle School students) and/or photograph, but generally not both. Exceptions may be made in certain cases involving Upper School students, particularly when the information being publicized is widely available elsewhere. 

Breck School has no control over photos and materials once they are posted online and images may be copied or sent without our knowledge or permission.

Breck School has many visitors during the course of the school year, including students from other schools, visiting artists, guest speakers and athletic teams. Photography of events may be used both internally and externally and will contain appropriate identification (if possible) of visitors.

Legal Information

Breck School provides links to other websites or resources. We do not control these sites and resources, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for their availability, content or delivery of services. These external sites are not bound by Breck School’s privacy policy. They may have their own policies or none at all. You will know when you are leaving the Breck School site by viewing the URL (universal resource locator) beginning with “www” on the destination site.

Copyrighted Materials

All materials on this site are copyrighted by Breck School unless otherwise indicated. Breck will not post copyrighted material without written permission from the appropriate parties. For permission to use any material from this site, please contact the Communications office.

Responsibilities Regarding Access
and Use of Network Resources and Services

There are also responsibilities that must be met as part of the privilege of network access. All who access and use the Breck network are expected to live up to these responsibilities. If you knowingly violate a network responsibility, your network access may be suspended subject to Breck policies and procedures.

  1. Breck’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology is the authoritative statement.
  2. You are responsible for the use of your account.
  3. You may not give anyone else access to your account.
  4. You must not use a Breck network account that was not assigned to you.
  5. You may not try in any way to obtain a password or access code for another person’s network account.
  6. You may not attempt to disguise the identity of the account or machine you are using.
  7. You are responsible for the security of your passwords and access codes. This includes changing them on a regular basis and making sure no one else knows it.
  8. You cannot use any communications services, including electronic mail, or other resources, to intimidate, insult or harass others; to interfere unreasonably with an individual’s work or educational performance, or to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive working/learning environment, especially within the context of Breck School policies.
  9. You must not use the Breck network resources to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to remote networks, including remote computer systems.
  10. You must not deliberately perform an act, which will disrupt the normal operation of computers, workstations, terminals, peripherals, or networks. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with components of a local area network (LAN) or the high-speed backbone network, otherwise blocking communication lines, or interfering with the operational readiness of a network.
  11. You must not run or install on any of the Breck computer systems, or give to another, a program that is intended to and likely to result in the eventual damage to a file or computer system and/or the reproduction of itself. This is directed towards, but not limited to, the classes of programs known as computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
  12. You must not attempt to circumvent access and use authentication, data protection schemes or exploit security loopholes without authorization.
  13. You must respect authorial integrity, regarding intellectual integrity, including the use of personal, published or proprietary software, and refrain from plagiarism, invasion of privacy, and copyright violations.
  14. You must abide by the terms of all software licensing agreements and copyright laws.
  15. You must not make copies of or make available on the network, copyrighted material, unless permitted by a license and authorized by system administrator.
  16. You must not perform acts, which are wasteful of computing resources or which unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others. These acts include, but are not limited to, creating excessive or unnecessary network traffic, sending unauthorized mass mailings, initiating or facilitating electronic chain letters, creating unnecessary multiple jobs or processes, or producing unnecessary or excessive amount of output or printing. Printing excessive copies of any documents.
  17. You cannot place on Breck computing and networking systems, any information which:
    1. Infringes upon the rights of another person
    2. Gives unauthorized access to another network account or system
  18. You must not attempt to monitor another person’s data communications, nor may you read, copy, change, or delete another persons’s files or software, without permission of the person.
  19. Breck computing, networking, telephony and information resources are provided to support our mission. These resources may not be used for commercial purposes without authorization from the President.
Questions or Comments

If you have questions or concerns about this website privacy policy, please click here to send us an e-mail.

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