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My Breck Story: Six Points from a Sixth Grader

“What I like about Breck:

  1. I've been at Breck since pre-kindergarten. From what I've seen there is not a lot of bullying and when there is, it is stopped. 
  2. Uniforms keep it easy to get ready in the morning, and the non-uniform days make a nice "reward" for the hard schoolwork.
  3. All the teachers are really nice. When you ask for help from a teacher, you will get it. The teacher will help you understand the problem and keep helping you until you get it. They will help you explore your interests.
  4. Having Breck go from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade allows you to interact between grades while not losing someone unless they leave Breck. For example, you grow a connection with your senior buddy(ies) when you're in first grade.
  5. I like Breck a lot because there are a lot of fun, hands on projects such as the Solar Sprint, Rocket Day, and the State and Hero-Shero projects. Other projects that are fun are the Travel Project and the D.C. Reports.
  6. The extracurricular/trips outside of school are fun. This year I participated in the new flag football program for 5th and 6th graders. Other fun middle school programs/trips are Awareness Day and Ski Day. 

To me, all of these points show why I believe Breck is a fun school.”

— Will, Class of '23