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My Breck Story: A Parent's Praise for PE

“My son is not particularly fast, lacks ball handling skills and is not a good skater. And yet at Breck, he has become physically strong and an athlete.  It started in Lower School with Peg Fifield and continued into Middle School with Amy Iverson; both passionate physical education teachers that know how to make PE class engaging, fun and active. They played amazingly creative, physically active games that my son recounted to me at the end of each day.  

I was worried when PE ended in Middle School, but then there was Christian. Christian Burrus is the Strength & Conditioning Coach in Upper School, and he coaches students year-round (yes, the weight room is open during the summer to Upper School students).  If you stepped into the weight room, you would feel the motivation — the kids are inspired by Christian to work hard and push themselves to new levels.  The only competition is with yourself; improving your strength, flexibility and overall fitness. 

What I think is amazing is at every stage of my son’s development, Breck’s teachers and staff helped him learn how to be physically fit, to be strong, to have fun, and to push himself.  Breck demonstrates its commitment to the whole child through its Physical Education program in Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School (and of course through its wonderfully inclusive and competitive sports teams that can start as early as 7th grade).

Many schools have eliminated physical education programs, but not Breck. Instead, Breck has added breadth to its PE program in Upper School (i.e., yoga).  I know that the Annual Fund helps pay for these programs and they are important to the health and well-being of our children. So, you can count on my support again."

- An Appreciative Mom (I do not want to embarrass my son)