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My Breck Story: Everyday Awesome

“The ‘everyday awesome’ that our family experiences at Breck often comes in unexpected moments, such as when we witness the growth of one of our sons as he articulates his perspective on a newsworthy event or when another offers his observations from one of his freshman poetry readings. Perhaps one of the most fulfilling Breck moments we had as parents was when our oldest son returned from college for winter break. We had no way of anticipating the way in which the everyday awesome would translate from him to his younger brothers. He was, and still is, fully embracing the ‘inner academic scholar’ that his Breck teachers always encouraged in him. He was talking with his then senior and eighth-grade brothers about ‘one of the most important Breck lessons he learned,’ which was that communication and relationships matter. As we listened quietly from the other room, he went on to explain that even when you don’t realize it, Breck is teaching its students to articulate, advocate, communicate and build relationships with people. He shared that those relationship skills become so important in college, and as he predicted, later in life. He explained that the Breck relationship and communication skills allowed him to have conversations outside of class with professors about their area of expertise. Those conversations led to his deeper appreciation for the subjects of those classes and allowed the professors to see him as an interested and engaged student. During his junior year of college, those relationships led to the submission of one his papers for publication as well as a paid fellowship. His final advice to his brothers was, ‘Make the most of the skills of communication and relationship building that you are learning at Breck.’ ”

— Susan DeMaris, Breck Parent of Nick ’14, Chris ’16, and Alex ’20