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MN Geographic Bee Results

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Noah Getnick '24 represented Breck in the Minnesota State Geo Bee on April 6 at Minnesota State University Mankato. There were over 500 schools who participated in this year's Geo Bee with only the top 100 students attending the state competition. 

Students were split into five preliminary rounds of 20 students each. In Noah's round, he scored in the top 10, getting 7 out of 8 questions correct. While he didn't make it to the final round, he represented Breck well in the competition and we can't wait to see what's in store for next year.

A few of Noah's questions included:

Q: What is the name of a polluted property that needs to be cleaned up? easement or brownfield

Q: There are octopus flavored potato chips in what Asian peninsular country that includes the Han River?

Q: There are driverless busses in which city that is the largest in Finland?

Q: True or False: Utah has a greater population than Nicaragua.

Q: Which country on the Denmark Strait is working on closing the pay gap between men and women?