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Mentor Expectations

We've created a list of mentor expectations along with a timeline.

  • Attend New Family Dinner in the spring
  • Familiarize yourself with appropriate handbook/s and mentor materials 
  • Meet with mentee family twice in summer (if possible)
  • Communicate regularly with mentee family during the school year

Suggested Timeline


  • Contact mentee family prior to New Family Dinner
  • Attend New Family Dinner 
  • Exchange contact information with mentee family


  • Get together with mentee family (solo or in group)
    • If you will be gone most of summer, plan meeting before or after you return.


  • Check in with mentee family
  • Offer to attend New Student Orientation
  • Offer to tour school with family, help find lockers, etc. 


  • Communicate regularly with your mentee family (once a month), as suggested by your New Family Chair (who will email you regularly).
  • Be available to answer questions/address concerns