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Community-Based Research in Mathematics

This course, a part of Breck’s Advanced Research program, offers promising math students with a strong interest in social justice and community engagement an opportunity to perform research in the community.  Students become consulting mathematicians, empowering nonprofit and community clients with the lens of mathematics.  Student researchers collaborate with clients to identify an area of inquiry.  They determine appropriate research and analytical methods, gather data, analyze results and make recommendations.  Ultimately students compile their findings into an impact report, posters and presentation materials for their individual clients.  They also disseminate their work to community and school-based audiences through seminars and workshops.


Who Wins? The Growth of Unified and Adapted Sports
Abby Richardson, Grace Taylor

American Refugee Committee: The Role of Mobile Technology in Sudanese Healthcare
Halcyon Brown

Retaining Support:  Analyzing Donation Patterns for the JDRF
Connor Ott

R.E.A.D. Dogs:  A Paws-in-the-School Approach to Improve Reading Comprehension, Accuracy, and Fluency In Second Grade Students
Margaret McMillan, Pilar Burgess

Perspectives: Exploring the Intersection Between LGBTQ and Faith Communities
Annie Johnston, Brooke Samaratunga

Where There is Unity, There is Victory:  Exploring the Greater Effects of Unified Clubs for Athletes with Disabilities
Zack Levy

Free Arts Minnesota:  Analyzing the Power of Art in the Lives of Underserved Youth
Helene Kim

Raising Rays: A Grassroots Approach to Generating Solar Power in Urban Communities
Maryam Ali and Hannah Shin

For more information, click here to access the program’s website.