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International Student Host Families

Each year, Breck offers a cross-cultural exchange opportunity to our families through a “home-grown” international student program developed over the past 25+ years. A handful of highly-qualified, international high school students are selected for admission to Breck from China, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.  

Host Families Needed

Albert and host brother Jed Peterson
Albert and host brother Jed Peterson
We are seeking families to host international students for the 2016-17 school year. Breck families have shared how hosting an international student has enriched their lives. It is a great way to integrate our school’s mission of teaching our children to better understand other backgrounds, cultures, and languages into our households. 

Benefits and Opportunities

Deepen your child’s understanding of another culture and language and the world beyond Minnesota.
Gain the experience of another “sibling” in your home with a different background and perspective.
Become a Breck “diplomat” for an international student and share the joys and richness that our Breck community offers.
Broaden your network of friends in a foreign country.
What is expected of a Breck Host Family?

Period of hosting can be one semester or one year.
Host family “adopts” the international student into their home and provides room and board and the experience of day-to-day Minnesota life.
Each host family will plan one outing for the International Students and their host siblings. These events might include a group outing to Breck activities such as Leaf Raking, Fall Drama Festival, Multicultural Film Festival, etc.
How are Host Families supported?

Jean Wang, Breck Upper School Chinese teacher, serves as International Student Advisor and program liaison, communicating with you and your student throughout the year.
Families acting as “Aunties and Uncles” are also recruited to help support host families. These families help with logistics, short-term hosting if/when needed and provide occasional social outings as time permits.
Please consider what this opportunity can bring to your family and contact us for further information. Current host families are eager to share their experiences. Please contact Scott Wade, Director of Admissions, to learn more.

Current International Students Looking for a Host Family Next Year

These are current international students at Breck who may need a host family in 2016-17. We hope you’ll consider being a host family next year.

Yuge E (2017) is from Beijing, China. Yuge’s favorite subject at Breck is Acting, saying “It’s really fun and I can learn lots of things from it to help me get ready for my future.” He loves writing, singing, acting, and watching movies. Eryu’s dream is to become a movie director and make the best movie of this century. Current host family: John Dempsey (2017), and parents Jack and Claire Dempsey.

Julien He (2017) is from Beijing, China. His favorite subjects are physics, math and chemistry. Julien is a member of the Advanced Science Research class at Breck. He loves helping his host family siblings with their Chinese, math and physics homework. Current host family: Natalie (2019), William (2020) and Lauren (2022) Ott and parents Stephanie ‘87 and Michael Ott.

Albert Kong (2019) is from Nanjing, China. His favorite class at Breck is physics. Albert loves swimming, playing the piano and solving his Rubik’s cube. He’s an avid photographer and loves beatboxing and cooking. Current host family: Jed Peterson (2019) and parents John and Jennifer Peterson.

Stacy Yuan (2017) is from Shanghai, China. Her favorite classes are AB Chemistry and AP English Language and Composition. Stacy enjoys running and hiking, and loves singing and playing the piano. She’s a huge fan of British poetry and is interested in studying psychology. Stacy loves a wide range of music, from Baroque to French Yé-Yé from the 1960s. Current host family: Maya Czeneszew (2018) and parents Sybi Czeneszew and Katarzyna Hryniewicz.