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My Breck Story: Preparing the Path to College

Preparing the Path to College

Sometimes, because my children are several years away from graduation, I forget that Breck is a college preparatory school. This time of year, though, with nieces, nephews, and children of friends deciding where they’ll be going in the fall, I’ve been thinking about the ways in which Breck prepares its students for life after high school.

Classroom participation—often a requirement of college academics—is encouraged and promoted at Breck. I think that Breck’s small classes help students feel comfortable expressing themselves in a group and teach them the value of constructive participation, including careful listening. Community meetings, chapel services, and grade-specific events give students opportunities to speak in front of larger groups of peers and adults. I have no doubt that, by the time my kids get to college, Breck will have prepared them to be active listeners and confident speakers.

The ability to recognize inspired, compassionate teachers and to seek their help is key to success in college. At Breck, my kids have been surrounded by such teachers, who have guided and nurtured them from their very first days of school. Through conferences, one-on-one meetings, and small group lessons and tutorials, my children have experienced the close attention that Breck teachers give their students. And, when my kids have needed extra help, they’ve learned how to ask for it. Knowing how—and when—to approach teachers and mentors are skills that will serve them well after they leave Breck.

But, I’m not ready to begin that countdown….

— Laura Austrian, Breck Parent