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Financial Aid

Founded in 1886, Breck opened with 34 students in Wilder, Minnesota. Most of those students were children of immigrant farmers and tuition and board at the school was $110 for the entire year. A lot has changed since then, including our spectacular new Upper School facility on our 56-acre campus in Golden Valley. We no longer organize our school year around the harvesting schedule, and tuition is slightly more than $110.  What hasn’t changed is Breck’s commitment to ensuring that one of the nation’s strongest independent schools is accessible to families of all economic backgrounds. 

Maintaining accessibility has been challenging for many independent schools over the last two decades, as tuition has continued to increase to offset rising costs such as increased technology and health care budgets. Thankfully, Breck has a Board of Trustees that had the foresight to create a plan to maintain our accessibility allowing us to create one of the most economically diverse independent schools in the country. Over the last decade, the board has more than doubled the financial aid budget available to families. This year we will award $5.7 million in financial aid, more than any other school in the state. By clicking on the links on the left, you can find information on qualifying and applying for these need-based grants.

In addition to increasing the financial aid available to families, the Board and the Breck community has continued to grow our endowment, allowing tuition increases to be kept to a minimum. The last three years have seen our lowest annual tuition increases in the last twenty years with this year’s tuition increase falling below 3%. More impressive, tuition at the preschool and kindergarten level has been flat or even decreased for the past three years.   

Whether you are an immigrant farmer, doctor, professor or corporate CEO, we believe your children deserve small class sizes, state of the art facilities, great teachers, and an expansive curriculum starting in preschool.  While this type of program is not inexpensive, our large financial aid budget, healthy endowment, and various payment options have allowed parents of all economic background to give their children the very best educational foundation. 

Thank you for taking time to explore the Breck website and please feel free to call the admissions office if you have any questions about tuition or financial aid.

Financial Aid Webinar

Breck's webinar, held on November 15, 2016, was recorded and is available here.

2017-18 Tuition

All tuition amounts include lunch and all bundled fees.

Division/Grade Tuition/Fees
Preschool Half Days $18,385
Preschool Full Days $24,105
Kindergarten 3/2 Program $24,340
Kindergarten Full Days $24,970
Grades 1-4 $28,625
Grades 5-8 $29,595
Grades 9-11 $29,860
Grade 12 $29,995