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Multicultural Parent Education

The Multicultural Parent Education Group is part of the Parents Association. Our mission is to provide a forum where Breck’s multicultural curriculum is extended from the student community to the parent community with the purpose of creating awareness of issues related to diversity, multiculturalism and globalization.

If you're interested in joining the Multicultural Parent Education Committee, please contact chair Angela Ettawageshik.

The 17th Annual Multicultural Film Festival

Saturday, November 4, 2017 | 6:00 to 10:00 pm | Breck School

The evening will begin with dinner and conversation in the Upper School Dining Room. Then view one of our films and stay with your viewing group for a short, facilitated discussion. There’s a film for Lower School students, too. 

Parents, alumni, faculty & staff, and Middle and Upper School students are all invited to this FREE event! Kindly click on the button (below) to RSVP for the Film Festival — and for childcare, if desired.

Middle and Upper School students are welcome and encouraged to attend the Film Festival. All parents should be advised to review film ratings and understand that even if a film is unrated, adult-oriented themes can be present.

We've listed this year's films below, including ratings, descriptions, and a link to the the film's trailer.

PELÉ | Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in this biographical drama. (Rated PG | 1 hour, 47 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

ONCE IN A LULLABY | The fifth-grade chorus of PS22 on Staten Island, N.Y., became a YouTube sensation when their teacher started posting videos of them singing. Their rousing renditions of pop songs soon earned them a national legion of fans, as well as the attention of Academy Awards producers. This joyous documentary follows the talented and diverse group of kids and their energetic instructor, as together they tackle creative differences, lost voices, and homesickness on their way to appearing in the finale of the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony. The transformative power of music shines throughout. (Documentary | 1 hour, 29 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

MOANA | In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches Moana's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the Demigod to set things right. (Rated PG | 1 hour, 47 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

13TH | The title of Ava DuVernay’s extraordinary and galvanizing documentary 13th refers to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” The progression from that second qualifying clause to the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American prison industry is laid out by DuVernay with bracing lucidity. With a potent mixture of archival footage and testimony from a dazzling array of activists, politicians, historians, and formerly incarcerated women and men, DuVernay creates a work of grand historical synthesis. (Documentary | 1 hour, 40 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

EAGLE HUNTRESS | Thirteen-year-old Aisholpan trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle huntress. (Rated G | 1 hour, 41 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

SMOKE SIGNALS | Though Victor (Adam Beach, Flags of Our Fathers) and Thomas have lived their entire young lives in the same tiny Native town, they couldn't have less in common. But when Victor is urgently called away, it's Thomas who comes up with the money to pay for his trip. There's just one thing Victor has to do: take Thomas along for the ride! You're in for a rare and entertaining comic treat as this most unlikely pair leave home on what becomes an unexpected unforgettable adventure of friendship and discovery. Based on the book "The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian"by Native American writer, Sherman Alexie. (Rated PG-13 | 1 hour, 29 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

OTHER PEOPLE | Molly Shannon dies over the course of a year in the film Other People. This may seem like a strange premise for a comedy. But the film, written by Saturday Night Live's out head writer, Chris Kelly, reminds viewers that comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. Inspired by Kelly's experience caring for his dying mother, Other People also stars Jesse Plemons as a gay son tasked to do the same, while figuring his own life out in the process. Gay comedic characters rarely, if ever, receive this level of humanity and nuance. (Not rated | 1 hour, 37 minutes | Watch trailer on YouTube)

We're offering childcare during the Film Festival on a first-come, first-served basis. Click on the RSVP icon (above) to register for the Film Festival and to reserve your spot for childcare.