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End-of-Year 2018: Rising Seniors | Class of 2019

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rising Seniors | Class of 2019

When the student leadership team for next year was announced it signified a passing of the torch from the Class of 2018 to the Class of 2019. In the coming weeks and months ahead, you may notice a change in your relationships with faculty and administrators. You are partners in making the Breck community what it will be next year. To prepare for this, it is important that you finish this year strong. 

The close of the year is busy, so be sure you have scheduled an appointment with your college counselor!  By the close of this month, each senior and a parent or guardian should have met with their college counselor to cover a range of topics that will help prepare you for the college process such as teacher recommendations, college list and expected outcomes, testing plans, possible college trips, financial aid considerations, and more. 

Speaking of end of year events, we have held three programs to launch students into the college process:

  • College Essay Workshop #1: We held the first in our series of three essay workshops. This first workshop was intended to launch the writing process by critically analyzing some college essays and considering them in context of the larger applications. It is our expectations that students will generate ideas this summer. Some details from the meeting are posted in the Google folder in Naviance. 
  • Interview Workshops were held on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The first was a presentation (also found in the Google folder in Naviance) given by Adam Webster, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions at Carleton College. His presentation helped provide students with insights and perspectives from someone who trains interviewers. It was fun, insightful and provided those key takeaways for anyone intending to interview this summer. Wednesday’s workshop were one-hour, five-student member groups hosted by Alexandra Renslo, anchor at CCX Media. Attendees were provided insights from an experienced interviewer and had a chance to practice in front of their peers! This is always a well-attended and hugely popular experience.

End of the Academic Year Events

All interested students should have registered here for the August Breakaway Test Prep program hosted at Breck if you are interested. Cost is $695. If cost is a concern, contact your college counselor. 

Things to do this spring & summer

  • Discuss teacher recommendations with your college counselor. Many students will ask TWO teachers from 11th grade. You should ask at least one this spring. A completed and signed “green sheet” serves as confirmation. You may pick one up at the College Counseling Office.
  • Develop a test prep plan.
  • Finish Naviance surveys.
  • If you are willing, share your memoir with your college counselor. 
  • Develop a working and balanced college list to be finalized in the fall. 
  • Add these colleges to your Naviance account; “My Colleges > Colleges I’m Thinking About”
  • Research and visit colleges.
  • Discuss college financing as a family. 
  • Tryout colleges’ financial aid calculators. Each college is required to have a calculator on its website; the calculator can provide some insight into what you may expect to pay for the college. Please note that each college will use its own methodology for calculating aid, so do not assume a one-calculation-fits-all approach. 
  • Visit the College Navigator website ( or other sources to learn the percent of freshman class receiving aid, net costs, and more. This information can be invaluable at any stage of the process.  
  • As school begins next year, we will continue to use the monthly College Counseling Newsletter to announce updates and keep you informed about the college application process. 
  • Mark your calendars now:
    • August 7, 9, and 16: Common App and essay workshops 
    • Monday, August 27, 6:30 pm: Grade 12 Student and Parent College Meeting
    • Sunday, September 23: MISP Fair hosted at Mounds Park Academy

Enjoy this summer! It is a time to relax, catch up on sleep and pleasure reading, and spend time with friends and family. Many of you are also exceedingly busy as well! 

Parents, we ask that you complete the Parent Questionnaires in Naviance. You can respond to each prompt or take the prompt and craft a letter or document that offers insights to your child. If you need help accessing your Naviance account, please call 763-381-8258.