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Distinguished Alumni Award

2017 Distinguished Alumnae

The 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to Jennifer Solotaroff, PhD '86 and Rachel Solotaroff, MD '88 at a ceremony on September 14 as part of the 2017 Homecoming festivities. 

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to the alumnus or alumna who has distinguished him or herself in career accomplishments and community leadership. 

Selection of a Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna of Breck School will be based on the candidate’s qualifications in the following areas:

  • Models perpetual learning. Demonstrated efforts to increase his/her knowledge in his/her chosen field, earned graduate degrees or completed significant coursework, provided leadership in seminars or teaching, engaged in other professional development activities.
  • Reflects positively on Breck by achieving career distinction. Received awards or other recognition by professional peers, served on government or professional association boards, published papers or other work, been profiled in professional publications.
  • Recommits to teamwork and collaboration. Has made/is making a significant contribution to his/her field as marked by leadership positions, publications, innovation or invention adopted by others in the field or general public.
  • Reconnects with his/her community. Gives back to the general community as a volunteer.
  • Reemphasizes character and ethical values. Is a positive role model for others.


1976 George R. Thiss ‘46
1977 Lee R. Anderson ‘57
1978 George R. A. Johnson ‘59     
1979 Walter L. Bush, Jr. ‘47
1980 C. Carroll Hicks ‘47
1981 Timothy R. Hitchcock ‘59
1982 Frederick O. Glasoe ‘46
1983 Robert J. White ‘46
1984 Alfred E. M. France ‘45
1985 Bradford W. Parkinson, Sr. ‘52
1986 Loren E. Halvorson ‘45
1987 Charles M. Converse ‘49
1988 Richard W. Myers ‘64
1989 David C. Brown ‘52 and Warde F. Wheaton ‘45
1990 William R. Schmalstieg ‘46
1991 James S. Womack ‘46
1992 Stanley A. Leonard ‘48 and Arnold S. Leonard ‘48
1993 Ralph W. Burnet ‘63
1994 Harlyn O. Halvorson ‘43
1995 Stanley S. Hubbard ‘51
1998 Thomas S. Beech ‘57
1999 James F. Mossman ‘49
2000 Richard A. Proudfit ‘49
2001 William T. Ellison ‘59
2002 R. T. Rybak ‘74
2003 William H. Brown ‘47, John M. Brown ‘49, James P. Brown ‘51, Robert S. Brown ‘56
2004 Christopher L. Murray ‘80
2005 Mary Sarah Fangman ‘86
2006 Fletcher G. Driscoll ‘51
2007 Stacey Kohler Moran Ph.D. ‘82
2008 Alec Soth ‘88
2009 Robert C. Roosen ‘50
2010 Richard W. Clary ‘71
2011 David R. Williams ‘83
2012 Wilbur “Tib” Tussler ‘50
2013 Rob Melrose ‘88
2014 Richard Bury, Ph.D. ‘64
2015 Spencer Reece ‘81
2016 Murisiko Raifu, M.D. '93
2017 Jennifer Solotaroff, PhD '86 and Rachel Solotaroff, MD '88

Note: The Breck School Alumni Association presented the Alumni Achievement Award to its first alumnus in 1976. At the time the award honored an alumnus who had distinguished himself through his service to the school and his career or civic accomplishments since leaving the school. In 1988, the Alumni Association decided to recognize these accomplishments separately, thus creating two awards: the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Alum of the Year Award.