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Director's Welcome

What an exciting time to be exploring Breck. With the completion of our new Upper School building in the fall of 2013, Breck has demonstrated our continued commitment to educating children who will grow into curious, engaged, and informed citizens of the world. Now, a couple of years into our use of this new space, I’m thrilled to report just how well this building supports our fundamental Breckness.

Breck students and faculty are engaged and compassionate members of this community and of the larger world. The collaborative spaces that fill the halls of the Upper School encourage students to work together and with their teachers during formal or impromptu meetings. That spirit of togetherness then spills out of our doors every Wednesday when our Upper School students leave the campus to take part in their weekly service projects. Our service program is deepened further by the Melrose Family Center for Servant Leadership, a new model for instilling the values of service and leadership into our students.

Breck students are passionate about the life of the mind. State of the art classroom facilities and science labs encourage the kind of deep intellectual engagement that our students bring to school each day, but it doesn’t end at the classroom door. New spaces for mock trial and robotics will further support those nationally recognized programs, giving students room to question, explore, and challenge themselves.  

Breck faculty are among the most committed and talented of any independent school in the country. Departmental clusters and hallways encourage professional collaboration as each teacher strives to perpetually improve his or her practice each day. Committed to close teaching and to knowing each student, our faculty connect with students in meaningful and supportive ways.

Breck students and faculty have fun. We know that students are not automatons. They need to laugh and play in order to be their best selves. Our strong programs in the arts and athletics are not merely ancillary benefits. They are critical to the growth and development of each child, and those experiences serve to develop students who know how to solve problems creatively, to work in teams, and to thrive in a changing world.

In short, Breck is a remarkable place. We actively encourage the artistic, intellectual, athletic, and spiritual growth of all of our students through strong and innovative programs; we work hard to pursue excellence in all that we achieve; we have fun, and work to instill a love of learning; and we care deeply about each student and their individual needs.

I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to explore our website. I hope you’ll visit us on campus to witness first-hand the passion, collaboration, hard work, great thinking, and fun that make Breck Breck.


Thomas Taylor
Upper School Director