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December Newsletter: Freshmen

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

With nearly a full semester under your belt, you should:


  1. Prepare well for exams. These may be some of the longest tests you have ever taken. Prepare well and in advance. Utilize the Saturday review dates, get in to talk with teachers about questions you may have, and take advantage of any and all opportunities to review. Your success is largely dependent upon appropriate planning, organization and effort!
  2. Continue to develop good habits. Reflect on the year. What is working? What is not working? What are some goals you can establish for second semester? 
  3. Get involved. Think about ways you want to get involved at Breck and in your community. These should reflect your interests. Ever wondered what it would be like to be on stage, to build a robot, or to explore something that you’ve always wanted to try? Well, now is the time!
  4. Think about summer. Though summer feels like it may never arrive, take heart! You can think warm as you plan for how you will spend your summer. Have conversations with your parents, friends, and advisors. Summer should be fun and relaxing! And, it can be productive, too! 

ATTEND THE JANUARY 31 COLLEGE NIGHT FOR GRADES 9-10! You will find the date noted on your Breck School calendar. This evening will be full of information for students and parents alike. PSAT9 test results will be distributed to juniors this evening. 

Thank you to all for a wonderful first semester thus far. We wish you a joyous and restful break.

Breck's College Counseling Office

Jonathan Nicholson
Director of College Counseling

Susan Graham
Associate Director of College Counseling

Andrea O’Connell
Associate Director of College Counseling

Carrie Papillon
College Counseling Office Assistant